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No-code builder

Always see what you're building with our chatbot builder

Serviceform chatbot builder is no-code and easy to use.

  • Build and test chatbot flows at the same time
  • Receive lead contact details directly to emails or CRM
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • All data securely stored in the EU
  • Built in real-time website and tool statistics
  • Does not affect the page loading speeds
  • 100% customizability with advanced CSS ¬†
  • iOS and Android apps

Get a full flow map of your chatbot flow in a shareable link. You can easily send this to your team members (clients if you're an agency) to double check the content before going live.

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Shareable flow maps

Chatbot builder with 9 question types

With 9 question types in the chatbot builder, you can answer customer enquiries, help web visitors navigate the website, process payment, and even book meetings with your own personal calendar.

  • Statement -Make a statement to inform or confirm
  • Text question - Ask questions
  • Select one - Select one choice from a list
  • Search - Search inside the chatbot
  • Calendar -Book meetings inside the chatbot
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions
  • File upload - Upload files, images, videos
  • Carousel - Add a carousel of images
  • Live chat - Combine chatbot with live chat
  • HTML - Videos, pdf files, social media buttons, Google map location, etc.
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All-in-one data analytics

Chatbot builder with statistics report

Data from your website and conversion tools are often scattered, especially if you use many software or plugins. Serviceform Chatbot builder can report data from our chatbots and all other tools. Track: unique views, interactions, interaction rate, lead information, flow breakdown, drop-off rate, submission, submission rate, and redirects.

Build as many chatbots as you'd like

Different types of chatbots in the chatbot builder

Corner chatbot: stay in the right below corner of you website. Can be used to answer customer enquires directly or through an FAQ

Inline engagement chatbot: can be placed anywhere inside your content - middle, left, right, above, below

Conversational landing page: a full-page chatbot you can use to chat and show images or videos at the same time

Facebook chatbot

Instagram chatbot

WhatsApp chatbot

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Get leads directly to your CRM

Are you looking for chatbot builder that can send leads directly to your CRM? Or a chatbot builder that works well with WordPress or Squarespace?

Serviceform chatbot builder has over 100+ integrations with your favourite CRMs, website builders, email marketing tools and more.

Connect Serviceform yourself or request native custom integrations.

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Unlimited active events

Responsive customer support

Free chatbot template library

No-code website chatbot builder

Meeting and appointment booking chatbot

Chatbot with Stripe payment integration

File upload in website chatbot

Dynamic chatbot for content personalization

AI Chatbots

Lead routing

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