Best Free Email Signature Generator 2023

End every communication with a pinch of personality – and some vital contact info! 😉 Use this creator to make your signature in seconds. Works for Outlook, Gmail and all other clients.

Instructions to install your email signature

Great! Now that you've used the free email signature generator to create your email signature, it’s time to add it to your email account. Scroll down to find detailed instructions for both Gmail and Outlook. Don’t forget to share the email signature creator with your team so they too can create professional email signatures for free.

How do I create a free email signature in Gmail?

Once you've created your beautiful email signature, it’s time to add it to your email. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to add it to your Gmail signature.

  1. Open your Gmail user account and click on the Settings gear icon from the top-right corner.
  1. Then a ‘Quick settings’ section will pop up on the right side. Click on the ‘See all settings’ button on the top.
  1. It will automatically take you to the ‘General’ tab on the settings page. Now scroll down to the Signature section. 
  1. Then click on ‘+ Create new’ and give your signature a name. 
  1. Copy the email signature you created from the above free signature generator and paste it into the signature section of your email.
  1. Just below the signature, you'll see ‘Signature defaults’ and it will show you two options with dropdowns. You need to click on it to activate the signature.

For new emails use: This option means your signature will only be seen when you send new emails.

On reply/forward use: This option means your signature will only be seen when you reply or forward emails.

It’s recommended to activate both options; that way if you have multiple replies in one email thread, your email signature won’t be missed. But of course, it’s your signature and you can decide. 

Also don't forget to click on the check box that says ‘insert signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "--" line that precedes it.’ This gives your signature a clean finish to keep your written email separate from your signature.

  1. Then scroll all the way down and click on the Save changes button.

  1. You're all set! But before you go, it’s always good to test if the signature has been added correctly. 

To test it, click on ‘Compose’ to start a new email. Once the email window opens, you'll now see the email signature you've added. If you don’t see it, then something has gone wrong and you need to go back into settings to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

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