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We offer plans for all types of businesses. Choose to do it yourself, or with one of our serviced plans.
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Start using our conversion tools for free and see how they can help you convert more from your website. With our tools you can get up to 7x times more leads from your website.
Unlimited conversion tools
All 3 types of chatbots
Smart popups
Online forms
Floating bars
10 responses
Basic flow statistics
File upload - 100 MB for free
Lead routing
1 website
Invite everyone from your team
Zapier integration
HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforces native integrations
iOS and Android App
Convinced our tools are going to help you? Time to jump on our premium plans with unlimited tools and responses. Our pricing scales as you scale.
All features from the free plan
Unlimited responses for * (see below for pricing range)
Advanced flow statistics
File upload - unlimited storage
Unlimited websites ($19 / extra website)
* Response pricing range
0 - 10 responses
Free forever
11 - 25 responses
€25 / month
26 -50 responses
€50 / month
51 - 100 responses
€150 / month
101 - 200 responses
€350 / month
201 - 350 responses
€700 / month
351 - 500 responses
€1000 / month
500+ responses
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All premium live chat and social inbox features for micro businesses in a completely free package. This is the idea plan to try if we are right for you.
20 live chats
1 live chat user
Connect to chatbot flows
Basic statistics
Canned replies
Inactivity response and form
File upload - 100 MB for free
Visitor live typing
Live visitors list
Cart sniffer
iOS and Android App
For businesses that require more users and unlimited amount of chats. Our tools combine all your social channels as well as your website chats onto one easy-to-use platform built for teams.
All features from the free plan
Unlimited live chats
Unlimited users ($9 / user)
File upload - unlimited storage
Team statistics
Team routing
Routing based on URL
Internal chats for teams
Shopping cart integration
Connect to Flex xRM for ticketing
Start scheduling meetings for free. A easy-to-use powerful personal meeting scheduler - completely free for you to start with.
1 event type
Unlimited meetings scheduled
1 connected calendar
Calendar statitics
Branded meeting booking page and shareable link
Embed calendar anywhere on a website
Connect to Google Meet and Microsoft Teams
Shareable QR code
Use as virtual business card
iOS and Android App
Time to add your teammates, branches and go professional? This is the plan for you. Unlimited event types, unlimited meetings and very powerful team features make this the perfect plan for you.
All features from the free plan
Unlimited event types
Unlimited users
Team calendar statistics
Round robin
Meetings scheduled on team availability
Team calendar design template
Start managing your business in one place. All your tasks, leads, HR, recruitment in one. This is the best plan to get started and see if the tool is for you.
Unlimited users
Unlimited spaces
2 custom reports
6 custom fields
Unlimited tasks and activities
3 views per space
100 MB storage
iOS and Android App
Add in your team and get deep analytics, use our powerful views to display your data in the way you want it and automate everything with our workflow automations. Use the power of marketing automation with your customer service, lead generation, HR, recruitment or development teams.
All features from the free plan
Unlimited reports
Unlimited custom fields
Email sync to Google and Outlook
Email templates
Unlimited views per space
Unlimited storage
Workflow automations
See if our signature manager is for you completely free. Build your own signature with all of our premium features built in. Only one signature.
1 designed email signature
Dynamic banner for campaigns
Signature statistics
Dynamic CTA button with URL
Add signature to Gmail or Outlook
Time to invite your team and generate their email signatures automatically. Copy your signature and apply it for everyone, send easy emails to your team that contains your email signature. Track all clicks and views of your teams signatures.
All features from the free plan
Unlimited team signatures
Team dynamic banner for campaigns
Team signature statistics
Simple analytics that change the way you understand your website. Don't worry about all that Google Analytics setup.
1 Website
Website analytics
Unique views /. Page views
Bounce rate / Interaction rate
Automatic UTM and Source Tracking (Top 5 sources only)
Fully cookieless
Data stored in EU (For our EU customers)
Automatic lead tracking
Automatic JavaScript error tracking (5 top errors)
Invite everyone from your team
Want to track your custom events and know your website in much more detail. This is the plan for you if you don't want to pay your marketer for hundreds of hours fighting your Google Analytics.
All features from the free plan
Unlimited websites
Automatic UTM and Source tracking (All sources)
Automatic click and form tracking
Automatic JavaScript error tracking (All errors)
SEO and Organic analysis and trends
*Pricing range (Monthly website visits)
0 - 1000 page views
Free forever
1000 - 2000 page views
€9 / month
2000 - 5000 page views
€19 / month
5000 - 10 000 page views
€39 / month
10 000 - 50 000 page views
€59 / month
50 000 - 100 000 page views
€99 / month
100 000 + page views
€199 / month
Our serviced packages are truly world-class. Our team will build tools based on best-practices learned from working with some of the top brands in the world. All you need to do is join a single kickoff meeting.
Ultimate plan for small businesses that want to take their website conversion to the next level. Our conversion specialists plan the tools for you, install them, and optimise for maximum results.
2 Conversion tools planned and implemented
2 Yearly optimisation meetings
Unlimited responses
Dedicated Conversion Specialist
Monthly report
Pro plans include our unique Dynamic chatbot. We build up to 3 tools for you with contextual messaging that creates unique discussions on every page of your website.
3 Conversion tools planned and implemented
3 Yearly optimisation meetings
Unlimited responses
1 Dynamic chatbot ($129/month per extra Dynamic bot)
Onboarding meeting
Dedicated Conversion Specialist
Monthly report
For our top partners we suggest a premium plan. We'll build a custom package for you from all of our tools and build everything for you. This includes all tools and services from other plans.
Unlimited conversion tools planned and implemented
Unlimited yearly optimisation meetings
AI chatbots, tool training, and more
Dedicated Conversion Specialist
Zapier integration
Custom integrations
Monthly report
SLA and customer security

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