Best free floating bar for your website

Serviceform’s Floating bar for websites is a powerful online promotion tool that makes important announcements and displays new promotions without disrupting the flow of your website.

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What is a floating bar?

A floating bar for a website is a type of campaign that appears as a bar at the top or bottom of your website. You can display a text to announce or promote any campaigns your company is running through a floating bar. 

  • Easily placed on your website without disrupting page flow
  • Add a CTA redirecting your web visitors to a landing page
  • Quickly collect leads
  • Colourfully display important information

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A floating bar that fits any website

Whatever industry you’re working in, whichever platform your website is hosted on, Serviceform’s Floating bar is a guaranteed fit. Our Floating bar is fully customisable and blends seamlessly with your brand. 

  • Install and build with ease
  • Collect customer information or redirect them to another page
  • Fit the Floating bar in your website header or footer 
  • Anchor the Floating bar on your website to make it visible at all times, even when scrolling 
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Best Floating bar to collect leads from your website

Collecting leads is one of the most important objectives of having a website. Get the best results for your new promotions or upcoming webinars by adding lead collection fields on the Floating bar of your website.

Show promotions

Best Floating bar to display promotions

Nobody likes to see their hottest new promotion not getting traffic. Let everyone know about it with a floating bar on your website. While you’re at it, add lead collection fields to generate new leads.

  • Display seasonal holidays like Valentine’s or Black Friday
  • Display discount codes
  • Display free shipping information
  • Gather newsletter subscribers
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Floating bars announce important information

Want to make an important announcement on your website but don’t want to mess with visitor flow? Your Floating bar can make the announcement for you.

You can announce changes in opening hours or exceptional business hours, new visitor policies like COVID-19 measures, or display customer support and emergency phone numbers.

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