Release notes

Looking for what our development team has been up to all these days?

February 2024

Release 24.02

What's new?

🤩   Enhanced Insights: Unveiling Your Data with AI Counts and Chat Reviews

     1. First version of flow breakdown in stats
     2. AI count - You can check how many questions have been answered by your AI  
     3. You now can get your average chat reviews 

🤩   Chatbot Builder: Custom Validations and Image Scraping Added

     1. Creating custom validations in the flow builder - option question and multiselect question
     2. You can now Scrape logo & Background image for your tools by adding the URL of the company website

🤩   xRM:

     1. New view type ‘export table’ where the data is in a table format
     2. Cohorts- Cohort analysis, helps you track customer behavior, retention, churn, and revenue over time.
     3. Creating an item remembers your choices for next item that you create
         - The assignee and select fields

🤩   Email parser:

     1. Supports Outlook, you can connect your outlook email with Serviceform and get all emails to Social inbox
     2. You can easily identify the emails that have been unread
     3. The first tag tagged for each email now appears on the chat in Social inbox, making it easy to identify the chat based on the tag
     4. You can add snippets and make them load in email when you reply

🤩   Whatsapp:

     1. WA chats can be initiated without a flow
     2. 24 hour chat reset toggle added, if toggle is on then new session is created in Social inbox
     3. Added 3 new timings (30mins, 12hr & 24hr) to ‘Email lead if no response’

🤩   Integrations

     1. Integrations now support ‘Single flow integration’ where an integration is set based on the flow. This can be set from ‘Actions’ in the tool builder
     2. Added integration logs where you can be view the status of all integration that has been sent

🤩   Ticketing space

     1. Spaces created can be shared with others enabling password
     2. Ticketing space is mobile responsive
     3. Each messages sent to the ticketing space can be notified to owner via email if desired

🤩 Popup:

     1. Now supoorts exit intent popups

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Forms:

     1. Thumbs up/down added to range question type
     2. Checkbox improvements

🛠   xRM :

     1. Added the 'year' to the created and updated date 
     2. Fixed issue where when user clicks the item name on top of the card, the item closes
     3. Logged tasks can now be edited

🛠   Chatbot builder:

     1. Validation now allows all character types (eg: It now allows Ä type of character also.) 

🛠   Ourly V2:

     1. Inside event extra field added checkbox and dropdown

🛠   Social inbox:

     1. Master users now see all teams in social inbox, previously only ADMIN was able to.

Coming soon

🚀  WhatsApp Campaigns

🚀  Statistic Email Report

January 2024

Release 24.01

What's new?

🤩   Mobile App: Introducing the all-new mobile app for version 3 on iOS

Download 'Serviceform Conversations' on App store now

🤩   Chatbot Builder: Enhanced Chat Management with Archive Feature

You can enable ‘Archive chat after submission’ if you want the chats to move to the archive tab in social inbox

🤩   Admin dashboard: Streamlined User Selection

Added a dropdown to select user based on user role

🤩   Dynamic Form: Added new question types

     1. Introducing the Ourly to Calendar question type
     2. Option to toggle avatars for each question.
     3. Introducing the new range question type with three range types: Checkbox, Slider simple, and Slider advanced.

🤩   Online/Offline: Status Management and Improved User Tracking

     1. Mark your online or offline status effortlessly, with the ability to mark entire teams offline from the left navbar bottom icon
     2. Track user online duration and identify offline agents easily with the new UI updates

🤩   AI Improvements:  Enjoy significant AI enhancements

     1. Train and customize answers per URL and bot with the Training UI.
     2. Link to a Chat GPT assistant ID with PDF integration.
     3. Generate AI answers with a bot button.
     4. Review system for saving good replies and analysing statistics.
     5. Search system to improve responses when confidence is low

🤩   Social inbox: Improved Visibility and Organization for Leads and Chats

     1. Leads sent via email are now visible in the 4th column
     2. WhatsApp business number is now visible at the top of chats

🤩   WhatsApp V3: Experience exciting updates

     1. Improved session management for messages older than 24 hours
     2. Automatic saving of user-provided registration numbers in 4th column of Social inbox
     3. Enhanced UI for WhatsApp settings
     4. Addition of 'Enable bot' button in WA builder for seamless redirection to WA settings page

🤩  xRM: Space sharing and customer ticketing updates

     1. Share space view internally and externally with increased flexibility in access control.
     2. Customer ticketing space:
         - You can now create a shareable ticketing space link for each items you create
         - You can create multiple tickets
         - Tickets can be updated and deleted
         - Tickets are ranked by recently updated

🤩  Popup: Innovative Pop-Up Types for Enhanced Engagement

     1. Introducing a new basic pop-up type and the innovative Sidebar popup.
     2. You can create a popup appearing from the side by designing the sidebar CTA to the left or right side of the webpage

🤩  Integrations: Enhanced Management and Exciting New Additions

     1. Email is sent to the client when an integration fails
     2. Explore new integrations including Quedro, Custom Integration, Freshdesk, and JSONLead with simplified setup processes and enhanced functionality.

🤩  Statistics: Insightful Customer Behavior Analysis with Product Stats

Dive deeper into customer behavior with the new 'Product stats' feature, allowing you to view the most visited pages based on your search parameters.

🤩  Website setup: Optimized Performance with Performance Mode Toggl

Added a 'performance mode' toggle to pixel settings where it loads for user to scroll before loading bots

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Chatbot builder templates:
     1. Public templates can be created by anyone from Serviceform and can be deleted by super admins only
     2. Personal templates can be created for themselves and they can delete them too
     3. Company templates can be created by anyone within the company but can be deleted by admins only

🛠   xRM notes: Improvements made to the format of the note in xRM notifications and email

🛠   Live chat: Made improvements for multi-tab support for live chat

🛠   Chatbot builder:

     1. You can now reorder the welcome page actions
     2. You can now allow AI to answer in preview
     3. Date and time added to Calendar question type


💡  What is performance mode?
 This feature ensures that the page loads for user to scroll before loading the bots

💡  Wondering how to use our custom integration?
With our custom integration feature, users can create events by providing a function and sharing documentation or images of their tool. Once a request is submitted, our development team will check on it and then work on building the custom integration to suit your needs.

Coming soon

🚀  WhatsApp templates

🚀  Ticketing space

December 2023

Release 23.12

What's new?

🤩   Dynamic forms: Get ready to elevate your form game with some cool features

       1. Add background images and buttons for a 'thank you' page
       2. In addition you can have up to four columns for buttons in the thank you page
       3. User can upload multiple files at once and also remove them if you have made a mistake before continuing
       4. Multi-select and Option-based questions now have not one, but three list types—radio buttons, select lists, and checkbox lists
       5. Hide or show the avatar, back button, refresh button, and progress bar with just a toggle switch
       6. Align the continue button however you fancy—left, center, right
       7. Enhance your questions with subtitle text
       8. Add images to radio buttons and checkboxes
       9. Introducing two new validation types: Checkbox and file upload
     10. Enjoy the magic of dynamic tags as you move forward collecting the data from your form

🤩   Statistics: Unleash the power of data with our epic updates 

       1. A revamped UI for an enhanced user experience. 
       2. You can now filter further from each table by clicking on the data in the first column for detailed insights
       3. Introducing a graph for Leads Overview in flow stats
       4. Improvised traffic overview chart in web stats
       5. Dive deep into live chat stats with filtering options —team, agent, source, tag, and review. Tailor your insights like never before!
       6. You can now get the 'Last Live Message' time and the last message of an agent in livechat stats.
       7. Filter stats effortlessly by tool and type in flow stats. A bar chart bonus showcases leads, redirects, and live chat stats for a quick dive into user engagement
       8. Easily filter website stats by country, type, language, source, browser, and device
       9. Dive deep into submission data for a comprehensive view of customer form entries
      10. Get a glimpse of the top AI questions along with their answers

🤩   Chatbot builder: Level up your chatbot game with the all-new Review Settings feature

Choose when to ask for a review—either after a lead submission or at the end of a live chat for valuable user opinions

🤩   xRM: Logging your tasks has now become easy

Once a task is logged, you can now view them all under ‘My tasks’

🤩   Website setup: We've introduced some new rules to disable your tools on a page

      1. Advanced step rules now come with a disable feature! Choose to disable 'all tools' or individual tools
      2. Also note that the rules feature works seamlessly from top to bottom

🤩   Signup: Did your team member sign up with their company email without being invited to your company team?

No worries, now a new user who has an email domain that already exists within the system can now join an existing team as a member. Remember this is only for Google and Outlook registration

🤩   WhatsApp V3: Exciting updates are here 

      1. Seamlessly upload and share documents (pdf, ppt, docs, etc.) between WhatsApp and Social Inbox.
      2. Now all captions sent with images from WhatsApp to Social Inbox are captured

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Dynamic forms:
      1. Experience smoother form submissions with improved validations.
      2. Dynamic tags now appear in lead emails and xRM inbox
      3. Variety of changes made to style your form better

🛠   xRM:
      1. From the list view, the currency now intelligently pulls from the price field. If none is found, fear not—it gracefully falls back to USD.
      2. View names are now saved immediately
      3. Say goodbye to extra steps! In list view, click directly on a link to view its content without the need to open the item
      4. Opening an item is now a visual delight with an improvised user interface
      5. All notes conform to the required format effortlessly once saved

🛠   Admin dashboard:
      1. The user list has now found a new home in the admin dashboard, making user management much easier
      2. Say goodbye to extra clicks! Now, you can hit the enter key to initiate searches effortlessly
      3. Kaveen tied the knot 

🛠   Chatbot builder:
1. Long forms now display the text message and first question, allowing users to preview content instead of scrolling down to the bottom of the form

🛠   All Tools:
      1. Each tool you create now boasts its own unique icon, making your tool collection a visual feast
      2. Navigate your tools with ease, they can now be filtered based on their type, ensuring you find the right tool for the job

🛠   Lead Images:
      1. Images sent through a lead appear in the lead email as well as in the xRM inbox

🛠   Integrations:
      1. Once an integration is born, you can now edit, save, and test it to perfection. Ensure your updates work seamlessly with a quick test


💡  Wondering if the pixel has been installed successfully?
      1. You can now check if it is installed by clicking on the ‘Test installation’ button, and follow the instructions if the test fails
      2. Pixel status is now updated every 24 hours. If no statistics are updated within this timeframe, the status turns red (inactive)
      3. Improvements have been made to the 'Copy' feature of the pixel code

💡  Don't know how to use dynamic tags in a form? It's the same as in a chatbot: 
      1. Once you have applied the correct validation you can retrieve customer data using - #customerName, #customerDate, #customerEmail, #customerPhone or #customerPostcode
      2. You can also use dynamic tags for getting value when choosing an option (eg: #Q1 if it's the first question)
      3. If its a form you can get the fields separately (eg: #question3field1)

Coming soon

🚀  Pop up

🚀  Mobile App V3

November 2023

Release 23.11

New features

🤩   Integrations : You can now send leads through our Native Google chat and Vitec integration

🤩   Able to archive items on xRM instead of deleting them forever in V3

🤩   Website setup V3 :

     - You can now make complex lead routing and live agent notifying based on the URL
     - Added 'One page mode' toggle button, when turned on it refreshes pixel when url changes but page doesn't re-load

🤩   Builder:

      - Now you can have pop ups for mobile users only
      - Added 'continue flow' toggle, this continues the flow when the user moves from one page to another if turned on. And if the popup is on, it will show the text and the options of the next step.
      - New question type 'Calendar' available in builder. You cal also add our Ourly calendar by adding the ID and Calendly by adding the URL

🤩   Social Inbox V3 : Agent can now view what the user is typing and the user can see that the agent is typing (...)

🤩   Added email parser to Social inbox V3 :

      - Emails can be sent to the user from social inbox
      - You can send images via email to the agent
      - Reply emails that are sent from the user are sent to social inbox

🤩   Basic form builder in V3

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Social Inbox V3 :
      - Able to transfer the chats to agents and teams
      - Scrolling improvements

🛠   Whatsapp V3

     - Phone number of whatsapp contacts now appear in the phone box (4th column) in social inbox
     - Now supports Image uploading from social inbox to the whatsapp user
     - Supports AI prompts
     - You can also add images in the flow

🛠   Chatbot builder V3:

     - Dynamic way of getting selected option text - the variable has now changed (Eg: #question1 to #Q1)
     - Improvements to flow endings with send lead and stop in V3
     - Scrolling down improvements on builder
     - No colors for the links in the flow, only an underline
     - Dynamic tags added to selected element and to multi-select dropdown
     - Webhook available as a general setting and under actions
     - File upload has required / not required toggle
     - File upload now jumps to the relevant question based on the logic jump

🛠  Improvements made to live chat notification

🛠  Jarkko visited SL to attend a bachelor party

🛠  Improvements to form builder V3:

     - Dynamic tags added to form question type
     - You can now jump through the form using logic jumps
     - Form builder has a toggle to show price in form footer and has custom unit label
     - Calculation logic works when you moving forward and back in the form

🛠  xRM : Improvements to widget loading

🛠  Mobile App V2 - Made links clickable in the 'Leads' tab and improved the images

🛠  Added switch back button in V2 when masquerading

Coming soon

🚀   Mobile App for V3

🚀   Statistics reports that can be sent via email weekly or monthly n V3

🚀   Native Walcu integration in V3

🚀   FAQ in builder V3

🚀   Pop up tool in V3

October 2023

Release 23.10

New features

🤩   V2: Feature added to auto logout users if there’s no activity for a set amount of seconds. (“Log users offline after” feature in install page)

🤩   Chat builder V3:

     - Introduced AI intent for the builder in V3
     - Added 'Select multiple’ and ‘File upload’ option types
     - 2 list types available for option based questions
     - Dynamic customer data can be used with # + customerName / customerDate / customerEmail / customerPhone / customerPostcode.
     - Can also use dynamic tag #question2 for getting value when choosing an option. If its a form you can get the fields separately (eg: #question3field1)
     - Livechat settings - added waiting messages if agent did not join the chat within the required seconds

🤩   Social inbox V3:

     - Able to send email copies of a chat
     - Reviews and ratings are updated in social inbox
     - Able to transfer the chat

🤩   Statistics V3:

     - Track user interactions with the CTA buttons
     - Livechat stats available in live chat tab

🤩   Basic translations available in Finnish and Spanish in V3

🤩   Push notifications available with banner and sound

🤩   Dynamic email added to advanced setup rules in V3

🤩   Basic form builder in V3

🤩   Valery visited Sri lanka to work with the Sri lankan team

🤩   Able to give ratings and reviews once the agent has left the conversation

🤩   Business hours can be set based on teams

🤩   Automatic transfer of the chat to the next assigned team if the original team has not joined

🤩   Whitelabel users can be added through the admin account

🤩   New business users can also be added directly from the admin account

🤩   Templates for the tools can be saved and made visible - for public, personal or company

🤩   Able to see the current list of agents that are live

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   V2: Dashboard: Green circle in main nav bar on the left will only show people who are live. 

🛠   Statistics V3:

     - Interaction rate
     - Lead conversion rate
     - Bounce rate

🛠   Chatbot builder V3:

     - Improved UI
     - Able to duplicate and reorder the pop ups in builder 

🛠  Improved statistics in xRM

Coming soon

🚀   Mobile App for V3

🚀   Archive deleted items on xRM in V3

🚀   Statistics reports that can be sent via email weekly or monthly

🚀   Native Google chat integration 

🚀   Ourly in V3

September 2023

Release 23.09

New features

🤩   PWA app for Mac and Windows in V3

🤩   Welcome page for builder that also supports video in V3

🤩   Tags and quick replies based on user and teams

🤩   xRM V3:

     - Multiple widgets for xRM statistics

     - Statistics: Call and meeting logging statistics can be seen via “Leaderboard” widget

     - Drag and drop in Kanban will now log as an activity change 

     - Changing assignee now logs as an activity change 

     - Improvements for saving descriptions when logging calls and meetings. 

     - Ticketing system for support

🤩  Chatbot builder V3

     - Placeholder text can be changed in the popup and chatbot text area

     - Multiple popups under one chatbot to show different engaging messages across your website

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   WhatsApp improvements :

🛠   xRM :

     - Fixed issue with saving even when opening an entity

🛠   Valery got promoted to software developer

🛠   Improvements to mobile app - iOS:

     - Leads management (tagging and syncing)

     - Finnish translations

     - Push notification improvements

     - UI improvements

     - Image opening with click and many other little improvements

Coming soon

🚀   Mobile App for V3

🚀   Reliable statistical data in v3.

🚀   Advanced notification settings for browser and mobile app in V3

🚀   Simple form UI in V3

🚀   Livechat statistics in V3

🚀   Reviews in V3

August 2023

Release 23.08

New features

🤩  Introduced Chat GPT powered chatbot to our V3 chatbot builder

🤩  Serviceform app integration with Zapier in V3

🤩  User access control in V3

🤩  Introduced a new WhatsApp chatbot in V3

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Fixed a bug with Secondary teams not receiving notifications

🛠   Issue with inbox not populating leads has been fixed

🛠   Hamaad got promoted to Software Developer

🛠   Live chat statistics: The issue with unanswered chats and archived chats not calculating has been fixed 

Coming soon

🚀   Chatbot builder V3
🚀   New dashboard
🚀   New mobile app

July 2023

Release 23.07

New features

🤩  Released the new dashboard for internal use.
🤩  New dashboard : Chatbot builder, Statistics, xRM, Social Inbox

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Livechat : Once you have archived a chat, and if the user returns and sends a message - the chat gets unarchived.

🛠   Popups : One page mode - Now popups that start from previous page, doesn't get loaded onto the next page.

🛠   xRM : We can now export data using json

🛠   Benjamin came back to Finland

Coming soon

🚀   Chatbot builder V3
🚀   New dashboard
🚀   New mobile app

June 2023

Release 23.06

New features

🤩 Livechat : Added another fallback option ‘Turn all livechats offline’.

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   WhatsApp improvements :

     - Image upload from mobile app to WhatsApp now works with larger images, it resizes before sending. (Upto 25mb)
     - Images are available for 7 days in live chats
     - New chats are being notified to live chat applications as well
     - Allows users to create Lists containing up to 10 single choices (Just add more than 3 options in the bot)

🛠   Livechat (Set hours and users online) :

     - This doesn't work for just "users online". if you want just users online set full-day availability
     - There is also a button to set every user offline

🛠   Ourly : CSS applied to 'thank you' page

🛠  Hamaad got his mini blue lamborghini

🛠   Livechat stats :

     - Fixed issue with XML export
     - WhatsApp statistics can are now available

🛠   Chatbot : Supports multiple file uploads

🛠   Livechat : User can now be blocked for 7 days

Coming soon

🚀   Chatbot builder V3
🚀   New dashboard
🚀   New mobile app

May 2023

Release 23.05

New features

🤩 New mobile app updates released with improvements for image upload. 

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Social Inbox : 

     - Disabled user search from users only allowed to see WhatsApp
     - Improvements to log and export

🛠   Live chat statistics: fixed the issue in updating statistics to be marked at the beginning instead of time of last update.

Coming soon

🚀   Chatbot builder V3
🚀   New dashboard

April 2023

Release 23.04

New features

🤩  Flex: Introduced hotkeys

🤩  Social Inbox - Able to send conversations as an email to a list of pre-saved emails/ new emails

🤩  Customer statistics for internal use

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠    Flex :

    - Drag and drop for field settings under space settings
     - Improving the UI for call and meeting log
     - Improvements on csv upload, notification for upload errors
     - UI improvements on import/export modal
     - Statistics dashboard has line, pie and bar charts

🛠   Flex :

    - Import csv file on bulk upload
    - Color picker improvement on Space settings
    - Improvements on notifications
    - Import improvements - file type validation, drop down mapping UI improvements

🛠   Email signature : Toggle button to enable or disable tracking

🛠   Social Inbox : 

    - Modal UI improvements
    - IG and FB - page data now connected

🛠   Flow statistics: Redirect statistics improved and working well now

🛠   Fancy new devices for our Senior Developers, Vanitha and Chamara

🛠   Mobile App - WhatsApp messaging along with send and receive images

🛠   Flex - Paginations and auto-loading feature for list and kanban views

Coming soon

🚀   Chatbot builder V3

🚀   New dashboard

March 2023

Release 23.03

New features

🤩  Whatsapp Chatbot released

🤩  'Powered by Serviceform’ on Chatbots

🤩  WhatsApp: Send and receive messages now work with Social Inbox

🤩  Flex: Notifications and tasks

🤩  Insights Page: 

    - New statistics section for Chatbot reviews 
    - Recent reviews, Agent overview and Tool overview 

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠    Flex :

    - Drag and drop for field settings under space settings
     - Improving the UI for call and meeting log
     - Improvements on csv upload, notification for upload errors
     - UI improvements on import/export modal
     - Statistics dashboard has line, pie and bar charts

🛠   Popup - Added toggle to disable the default email notifications

🛠   Flex: Improvements on user tagging and notifications

🛠   Statistics : Added new flow stats page

🛠   Chatbot:

    - Improved carousel image size 3x
    - Multifields on bot, you can now type in text area and it would fill in the multifields

🛠   Social inbox: 

    - The chat of the agent is now on the right side
    - Improvements on SI to make it faster and more efficient
    - Reviews and feedback now visible

🛠   Leadbar: Fix for disable email notifications

🛠   Ourly: Calendar owners number is now visible on email once a submission is made

🛠   Nimesha got a new QA buddy, Rahumath

🛠   Mobile app: Archive button added

Coming soon

🚀   Flex improvements

🚀   New Chatbot Builder

🚀   Flow statistics- Redirect Stats

February 2023

Release 23.02

New features

🤩   Chat builder: Moved to react app

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠    Flex :

    - Drag and drop for field settings under space settings
     - Improving the UI for call and meeting log
     - Improvements on csv upload, notification for upload errors
     - UI improvements on import/export modal
     - Statistics dashboard has line, pie and bar charts

🛠    Mobile App

    - Online - offline button for all pixels
    - Minor bug fixes

🛠    Improved Outlook login to the Serviceform dashboard

🛠    Ourly -  now correct time zones will be displayed for your event

🛠    Valery made a carrot cake for our Spanish office

🛠    Popup and Floating Bar - Added a toggle to disable the default email notification 

🛠    Mobile App - Online/Offline button works for pixels and bug fixes

🛠    Benjamin officially completed Ourly V1! 

🛠    Chatbot builder- improvements to long message field

Coming soon

🚀   New dashboard

🚀   Insights Page - Chatbot stats

🚀   Flex notifications

January 2023

Release 23.01

New features

🤩   Successfully completed the first release for the new year

🤩   Released the Industry mapping app for internal use 

🤩   Live chat on desktop has a "multi chat" that allows you to talk to multiple customers at the same time

🤩   When a tool is published through the install page, the tool status will automatically update to live on the create page

🤩   Flex activities added

🤩   Mobile App: Published to Android and iOS store

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Mobile App : 

    - Leads page
     - Basic Statistics page 
    - Account page to manage notifications 

🛠    Email signature manager - Bug fixes and improvements

🛠    New customers to Flex: The person who closed the sale will get assigned to the company created in Flex

🛠    Ourly improvement list:

     - Outlook event retrieving fixes
     - Multisearch event improvements
    - UI improvements and bug fixes 
    - Can now check how many meetings users have in round robin, and also reset the meeting count if for example someone new joins
    - Custom fields are now appendable to the event name For example "Client meeting" can be appended by a custom field containing more information Event name will then be "Client meeting - custom field answer"
    - Ourly now displays who you are booking within the same box as other event information
    - Changed some images to icons
    - Jarkko discovered a new land and flew there
    - Language versions for Ourly booker email
    - Confirmation email now uses two separate email templates, one with more information for calendar owners, and a more simplified version for the booker
    - Fixes to the setting and resetting booking counts in dashboard repo

🛠    Dashboard - Re-added fallbacks for slots and overrides 

Coming soon

🚀   WhatsApp messaging for Social Inbox

December 2022

Release 22.12

New features

🤩   Serviceform user login: Added Outlook login

🤩   New version of statistics

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   iOS and Android Application V2:

     - Lead handling 
     - Statistics
     - UI improvements
    - Live chat

🛠   Ourly:

     - Blocking dates and UI improvement
     - Statistics UI improved (Chart added for master users)
     - Make blocking work for all Multi calendar events

🛠   Social Inbox :

      - Added notifications on and mark online/offline

🛠   Dashboard :

       - Toggle added to show your state in account tab
      - Live chat override under install page

🛠   Forms : Added email copy field to forms

🛠  Benjamin made a mini DIY christmas tree

🛠   Flex improvements and bug fixes

🛠   Email signature bug fixes

🛠   Mobile app: Chats, Leads, Stats and account page

🛠   Industry mapping dashboard

🛠   Improving speed of website analytics by 20x

Coming soon

🚀   Ourly improvements

🚀   Mobile App

🚀   Industry mapping

November 2022

Release 22.11

New features

🤩   Ourly:

    - New multi-search event
     - Additional functionality to select specific event types (get 5 lowest bookings)
     - Language templates depending on dashboard language.

🤩   Flex : Backups added under settings to restore a previous version.

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Added support to change the image in the thank you page (No image if removed)

🛠   Added image and name of the person you are currently booking with (Round robin and Random selection event types only)

🛠   Improved mobile responsiveness and visual improvements for smaller devices

🛠   Modal closing button

🛠   Hamaad was promoted as the Fire Marshal

🛠   Header and footer text + image customisation on thank you page.

🛠   Meeting location dropdown bug fixed

🛠   Currently booking with information added to ‘Select calendar’ event type.

🛠   Overall css fixes.

🛠   Improvements on the ‘multi-search’ event type

Coming soon

🚀   Serviceform user login - Outlook 

🚀   Email Signature

Oct 2022

Release 22.10

New features

🤩   Live chat notifications improved

🤩   Chatbot: Flowmap V1

🤩   Serviceform Workflows UI

🤩   Flex access control feature

🤩   Flex relations fields

🤩   New Multi-search event type in Ourly

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Social inbox: Multiple bug fixes

🛠    Live chat notification improvements: 

     - Blinking notification in the tab for new conversations (Stops when you click on the tab)
     - Reminder banner in the dashboard when it detects inactivity
     - Added a second notification if no one answers within 15 secs
     - Notification sound from a chat moved to you is added.
     - Notification sound from a chat moved to your team is added.
     - Improvements to looping sound feature.      

🛠   Ourly: Added location dropdown to events to select location as Meets, Teams or Other (Other = No meeting link)

🛠   Team member invitation - Added dropdowns to select “Team” and “Role” when inviting users

🛠   Hamaad fixed his bicycle tyre patch himself.

Coming soon

🚀   Mobile App update

🚀   Flex Internal release

🚀   Email signature builder

Sep 2022

Release 22.9

New features

🤩   Flex: Realtime workspaces

🤩   Ourly: Added WFH support for Outlook calendars

🤩   Mobile app improvements

🤩   Flex: Import/export

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Improved DIY blocks with redirects to help pages and billing pages

🛠   Ourly bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Cookie controller optimisations

🛠   Benjamin is in Hungary

🛠   Social inbox chat data improvements

Coming soon

🚀   Flex: Improved access controls

🚀   Improved Live chat notifications

🚀   Mobile App new version

Aug 2022

Release 22.8

New features

🤩   Cookie controller preview released

🤩   Ourly: Select calendar feature is live

🤩   Flex: Field collections and grouping added

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠    Social inbox UI improvements

🛠    New and improved flow statistics UI

🛠    Best CTO in Serviceform went on vacation

🛠    Improvements to lead export function

🛠    Ourly industry templates (Automotive, Educations and Sales)

Coming soon

🚀   Mobile app improvements

🚀   Flex improvements

July 2022

Release 22.7

New features

🤩   Flex: Email sync is now live

🤩   Ourly: Round robin feature is live

🤩   Chatbot: FLOWMAP™ feature released

🤩   Flow statistics table released - Easily copy & paste /export your stats to excel

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Statistics API - data re-structured to provide more details

🛠   Flex: New and improved comment box with user tagging enabled

🛠   Ourly: statistics improvements

🛠   Free email signature creator improvements

🛠   Valery made margaritas

Coming soon

🚀   Improved Social Inbox Statistics

🚀   Email campaign builder

June 2022

Release 22.6

New features

🤩   Ourly launched

🤩   API for statistics: Customers can pull all their statistics from Serviceform.

🤩   New billing page for DIY customers

🤩   Free email signature builder

🤩   Carousel question type V1 is live in the chat builder

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠    Ourly: Team statistics improved

🛠    Ourly: Calendar sync improved

🛠    Our senior engineer Vanitha killed a ton of bugs

🛠    Flex: Add multiple assignees to one item

🛠    Flex: Overall improvements

Coming soon

🚀   Improved Social Inbox Statistics

May 2022

Release 22.5

New features

🤩   New DIY onboarding process

🤩   Ourly - Calendar statistics (Number of views, interactions and bookings)

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠   Ourly - Webhook support

🛠   Ourly - Builder is much cleaner and easier to use

🛠   Flex CRM improvements:

     - Added reviews and review comments to Social Inbox
     - Social inbox improvements
     - Benjamin went to a dog show

Coming soon

🚀   Free email signature builder

🚀   Carousel builder

April 2022

Release 22.4

New features

🤩   You can now receive leads as an SMS

Bug fixes and improvements

🛠    Social inbox search filter improved

🛠    Social inbox - Facebook comments and comment replies

🛠    Ourly meeting scheduler :

     - CSS box added for advance customization
     - Copy calendar templates from master user
    - Overall improvements

🛠    CRM internally released. Now available for the entire Serviceform team! 

🛠    Chatbot preview background image uploader has a free hand cropper now

🛠    Added button to remove uploaded logo’s, avatar’s and other images.

Coming soon

🚀   Carousel question type in the DIY chatbot builder

March 2022

Release 22.3

Bug fixes and Improvements

🛠    Web hook fields now support two web hooks. (Chatbots and forms)

🛠    Added timezone dropdown for the Calendar

🛠    Social inbox: Now you can upload and send files to your Facebook messenger conversations

🛠    Added an "Install tool" button to all tool builders to easily publish the tools

🛠    Improved and cleaned the statistics breakdown UI

February 2022

Release 22.2

Bug fixes and Improvements

🛠    Added option to add custom live chat notification sounds

🛠    You can also loop the live chat notification sound until an agent join

🛠    Hide live chat text area in the chatbot based on agent availability

🛠    Chatbot builder: Email subject field now support tags (e.g #question2, #token4 etc)

🛠    Chatbot builder: Button to disable the options in the popup on mobile

🛠    Chatbot builder: added option to hide the popup of the chatbot if it’s closed once (Will be hidden for 12 hrs)

January 2022

Release 22.1

Bug fixes and Improvements

🛠    Fixed issues with application not allowing multiple images and uploads

🛠    Live chats and bot discussions can now be sent as email copies

🛠    Insights speed improvements and caching

September 2021

Release 21.9

Bug fixes and Improvements

🛠    Major changes - moved to under for scalability

🛠    Note: This might cause some issues with custom integrations and our team is working hard to prevent this from happening

🛠    New forward facing website is released

🛠    Our helpdesk is released at

August 2021

Release 21.8

Bug fixes and Improvements

🛠    Fixed issues with livechat notification sounds

🛠    Fixed issues with livechat scrolling

🛠    Improved livechat search

🛠    Added custom JS functionalityt for forms

🛠    Prevented new users from releasing forms before approval - due to phishing

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