Best free live chat widget for websites

Respond to customer questions fast and smart with Live chat – a must-have addition to your customer support. Use live chat widget together with a chatbot as a hybrid model for full-hour customer service.

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Full-hour customer service

A hybrid Live chat widget with Chatbot

Live chat is a technology that’s been around for more than a decade. Take it to the next level by combining it with a chatbot. Why?

  • Let chatbots answer repetitive questions so you don’t have to
  • An agent can easily join the chat to answer complex questions
  • Let chatbots take over after working hours
  • Automatically send customer details to your CRM as a lead
  • Proven track record of generating 40% more leads

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Advanced Live chat features

Live chat widget for big teams

Serviceform Live chat widget offers a powerful structure for big teams. This includes:

  • Thousands of Live chat agents
  • Multiple different Live chat groups
  • Multiple structures of agents
  • Multiple Live chat teams under one parent account
  • Direct Live chats from different websites to one parent account
  • Track performance across individual, group, and team levels

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Know what your team is doing

Live chat reports and statistics

Know what your team is doing with statistics like total chats, missed chats, average wait time, and average reviews. Instantly collect user reviews across Chatbot and Live chat discussions.

Live chat app

Get real-time notifications on the go

Serviceform’s mobile app ensures you always get notifications from your website Live chat widget. Easily respond to Live chat enquiries from your mobile phone while on the go. Fast response times mean happier customers!

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The best customer service is with a person

41% of consumers appreciate your brand more if they can speak to a real person while buying products online. Track the customer journey on your website and assign conversations to individual agents or teams with filter tags.

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