Sell more cars with our automotive Chatbot

Our automotive Chatbot helps your customers find the right cars, calculate budget, sell more cars, book garage visits, and automate customer support.

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Sell more cars

Help buyers find the right cars and sell more cars

Serviceform’s automotive Chatbot simplifies the car dealership marketing process – from helping buyers find cars to booking test drives. Our Chatbots help any marketing campaign by:

  • Asking questions about favourite brands, needs, budget, and more
  • Showcasing your cars through video, image, or 3D models
  • Calculating monthly car payments
  • Quickly booking test drives when interest is highest
  • Connecting with a live chat agent for advice
  • Keeping in touch over WhatsApp integration
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Book appointments and upsell

Directly book garage visits without call agents

Losing customers because you don't have enough agents to return calls? Our automotive Chatbot books maintenance visits and even upsells your services.

  • Answer customer enquiries about cars and car services 24/7
  • Automatically recommend customers to the nearest garage locations
  • Let customers enjoy one-click appointment booking
  • Vividly promote your current service campaign or latest offer
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Start generating leads in 3 easy steps:

Going car hunting

A car buyer browses the internet for cars and finds your website. They start looking for a car that they like and one that fits their budget.

Target locked in

To help them find a car, a chatbot pops up and asks them about their dream car. Based on their responses the chatbot suggests the perfect car for them.

Time to buy

The chatbot introduces the buyer to a live agent via WhatsApp and live chat options. All that’s left for your agents to do is follow up and close the deal.

Find more sellers: new, used, trade-ins

Stand out in car dealership marketplaces

There are thousands of car listings in online marketplaces. Stand out by branding your own automotive chatbot! A versatile tool, chatbots warmly welcome and guide interested car buyers and sellers. Once they’ve left their contact details, you can stay in touch over email, SMS, or even WhatsApp.

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100 leads every month

See how our customers sell more cars with our automotive chatbot

Volkswagen Group Retail Spain has been using Serviceform’s automotive chatbot to qualify leads, sell more cars, and automate customer support. Their marketing manager, Ángel Herráez, says more than 10% of new customers get in touch with them through the chatbot and more than 30% end up being qualified.

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“Within six months, we were able to increase our lead generation by 100+ leads every month. It's very easy and convenient, the people are nice, you’ll get answers super fast whenever you need help. The results are good, so try them.”
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