Best free exit intent popups

'Tasteful' and 'popups' in the same sentence? Serviceform’s Exit intent popups have successfully achieved this rare feat. Our Smart popup is like none other and reduces website bounce rates.

No-code builder
Set up in 30 seconds
No credit card required
Convert and promote targeted actions

A Smart popup that doesn’t interrupt

A Smart popup is the perfect website conversion tool to promote targeted actions. This tool gets web visitors to:

  • Register for upcoming webinars
  • Leave their contact info for a lead magnet
  • Leave their contact info for a free service
  • Schedule a demo
  • Book an appointment
  • Buy more using a discount code
  • Buy more using an upsell bundle
  • Subscribe to newsletters
  • Leave their ZIP or postcode
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How does the Exit intent popup work?

Serviceform’s Smart popups come in many shapes and sizes. With the no-code popup builder, you can set different trigger points for your popup depending on your requirements.

  • Exit intent popup:  When the visitor tries to exit your website
  • User shows interest popup:  Once the visitors interact
  • Delayed popup:  After 30 seconds or one minute on-page
  • Immediately appearing popup:  As soon as the visitor enters.
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Reduce bounce rate with exit intent popups

You can’t stop people from leaving your website. But you can do something to retain some of them. Using a Serviceform Smart popup, First Team real estate in California were able to convert 800 people into leads who'd initially wanted to exit their website.

Customise your popup

Set the time and location for your Exit intent popup

The customisability options are endless with Serviceform Exit intent popups. You can set when and where the popup appears for each user based on the frequency they visit your website. 

Once per session: Appears only once per session for each user.

Once a day: Appears once a day for each user. 

Once a week: Appears once a week for each user. 

Show always: Appears every time a user enters your website. 

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Best free Exit intent popup for your website

You can build our Smart popups with zero coding knowledge. Our integration library can tell you how to install your Exit intent popup on Wordpress, Squarespace, Webflow, Shopify and hundreds of other CMS platforms. 

  • Easy, no-code popup creator
  • Fully customisable branding
  • A/B-test your Popups
  • GDPR- and CCPA-compliance
  • Integration with your favourite CRMs and Zapier
  • Deep-usage statistics
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