Best free online form builder for websites

When buyers fill in online forms, they can’t fully imagine what the product looks like or what’s included in the service. Visual forms assist customers in online purchases and help you get more bookings.

No-code builder
Set up in 30 seconds
No credit card required
Dynamic, beautiful, and multistep

What's a good online form builder?

The best online form builder is easy to use, collects meaningful data, and generates more leads. Our online form builder even lets customers schedule appointments or make purchases from right inside the form itself.

  • No-code online form builder
  • Appointment booking form with calendar
  • Contact form
  • Lead generation form
  • Pre-order form
  • Service or product order form
  • Payment forms with Stripe integration
  • Application form
  • Content submission form
  • Website analytics and form response collection
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Online form builder for different use cases and industries

  • Ask questions about needs, preferences, budget, and urgency
  • Help prospects find the product or service best suited to their needs
  • Use a dynamic form as a landing page
  • Calculate quotes and offers
  • Book a meeting immediately for highly-engaged prospects
  • Process payments and recurring monthly orders
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Why use Serviceform online form builder?

Traditional forms are outdated and don't give enough information about potential customers. Dynamic forms help you convert more customers from your website and upsell any other products or services that you have. 

Each question is designed to inform and help your customers decide if you're a good fit for each other. As web visitors fill out the form step by step, they better understand your full business offerings while you understand more about their preferences and needs.

Online form builder with data tracking

  • No coding knowledge required
  • Fully GDPR compliant 
  • All data securely stored in the EU 
  • Built-in live website analytics 
  • Real-time tool statistics 
  • Does not impact page-loading speeds 
  • Connects to 5000+ apps through Zapier
  • Supports connecting machine learning libraries to bots
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Are you looking for the best free form builder for WordPress?

Are you looking for the best free form builder for WordPress, Webflow, or Squarespace? How about the best free forms to use with HubSpot, Salesforce, or Mailchimp? Serviceform online form builder has 100+ integrations with your favourite CRMs, website builders, email marketing tools, and more. Connect Serviceform yourself or request native custom integrations.

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