Best free meeting scheduling software

Schedule meetings anywhere with Ourly meeting scheduling software. Suitable for big and small businesses that want to schedule meetings email-free and track booked meeting reports. Available in 54+ languages!

No-code builder
Set up in 30 seconds
No credit card required
Book meetings inside chatbots or on the go

Powerful scheduling software for small businesses

Enjoy email-free and call-free meeting scheduling with Ourly meeting scheduling software. With Ourly, you can schedule meetings when interest is highest, outside working hours, and at no extra labour costs.

  • Unlimited active events
  • Customisable event types
  • Add inside your webpages, chatbots, and more
  • Share your availability with a direct booking link
  • Add meeting leads directly to your CRM
  • Enjoy a free email signature with booking button
  • Track and report booked meetings
  • Sync with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar
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Big scheduling features for big teams

The best company scheduling software for big businesses

Got 10 or 1000 users? We offer special pricing and have unique meeting scheduling features for big teams. This helps you, as a manager, fairly distribute both leads and workload.

  • Round-robin: Distribute leads in order
  • Random selection: Distribute leads randomly
  • Multi-search: Select a time and it shows all available agents
  • Select calendar: Select a team member and it shows available time slots for that member
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Book meetings on the go

Ourly virtual business card

At an event but forgot your business cards?  Effortlessly book meetings with Ourly virtual businesss card. By using the contactless QR code on the virtual card, prospects access your booking calendar, choose a date and time, then book a meeting.

Track team performance

Measure and report booked meetings

You can measure success and keep track of your team’s performance with Ourly meeting scheduling software. You can even view the following statistics for yourself or your entire team:

Views: How many times your calendar has been seen.

Events selected: How many times an event has been selected.

Times selected: How many times a meeting time has been selected for an event.

Bookings: How many times a booking has been made in your calendar.

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Book meetings through your email signature

Serviceform's Ourly meeting scheduler and Email signature software work together to double your booking rate.

First step: Create your free booking calendar with Ourly.

Second step: Create your free email signature with our Email signature software.

Third step: Add your booking calendar link to the booking button on your email signature.

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Unlimited active events

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File upload in website chatbot

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