Generate more recurring revenue for your agency with our toolset, as your SaaS.

Our expertise in website lead generation and online customer support will help you provide more value to your customers while focusing on what you do best.

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Why become our partner?

20% - 50% monthly recurring revenue. What else?

Gain access to top technology that’ll expand your service offering and elevate your brand value.

Our customer support and customer success team will take care of your customers like they were our own.

We do everything for you - from converting leads, onboarding customers, setting up tools, to optimising for the best results.
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Expand your service offering and give more value to your customers

Generate and automate the website lead generation process with Chatbot, Form, Popup, and Leadbar

Improve online communication and customer support with Livechat

Install and manage 1000+ cookie management tools for all of your customers at a time with Cookie controller

Install and manage 1000+ email signatures at a time with Email signature manager
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Recurring revenue partnership models

Let's find out which partnership model suits you the best?

You’ll receive a recurring referral fee of 20% - 50% depending on the model you choose or a fixed fee.
Customer referrals
If you don’t have the resources to convert leads, we’ll convert them for you. You’ll receive a 20% commission for every month that customer stays with us.
You sell our tools under your own branding. You pay us an agreed fee for each tool you sell – and you in turn sell at whatever price makes sense for your business and customers.
Something else?
Let’s chat about the requirements you have in mind and discuss a partnership based on that.
A word from our partner

“Using Serviceform tools has been the easiest way for us to get recurring revenue without spending much effort.

We wanted 1000 cookie banners installed and Serviceform was very fast to do it. If they weren't there, we'd have had to install all of them manually through CookieBot."

Petri Elovaara
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