The best CRM with project management and email marketing

Are you looking for a project management CRM that not only manages leads but connects team members across functions? Flex xRM is a fully flexible, all-in-one management tool that helps you manage leads, sales, tasks, and even billing. The 'x' in xRM stands for anything you need it to!

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Solving the problem of silo working

CRM with project management: Bring teams together

Flex xRM is a taskmaster that helps companies break out of silo-working by observing activity across teams in real time. Different teams can manage different projects. To include:

  • Sales: Manage the sales process, contact, leads, opportunities and deals
  • Customer success: Update customer status, assign onboarding and optimisation meetings, and keep track of customer happiness
  • Marketing: Manage day-to-day tasks like design, content creation, and scheduling
  • Development: Manage sprints and backlogs while keeping bugs in check
  • HR: Manage job applicants and job posts
  • Finance: Handle billings and invoices
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The evolution of CRM

A simple CRM for anyone, any industry, and many use cases

Flex xRM is a unique combination of spaces, filters, and fully customisable fields that gives you an unparalleled playground to manage any and all projects. Build your spaces as you want or have an easy start with ready-made and customisable templates.

  • Unlimited project spaces and views
  • Track team activities and performance
  • Track and combine department data
  • See your team as they edit in real time
  • 10x faster compared to competitors
  • Full-mobile application
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Flex xRM: Why use an xRM and not a CRM?

Companies complicate years of work by using software that's complex and expensive. The future of software is meant to simplify and not complicate business. Flex xRM manages not only the sales process but also the customer success process, tasks, and multiple projects from different departments – at a cost-effective price.

Manage leads and talk to them

Flex xRM: The best CRM with email marketing

The Flex xRM can manage leads and also talk to them! Share the latest updates and campaigns with your email contact lists by designing and managing them from the best CRM with email marketing.

Within Flex xRM you can: Design campaigns with drag-and-drop builder, import and export data, send campaigns, and monitor email opening and click rate. Create your campaigns from scratch or quick-start with a template.

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Flex xRM: The best CRM with 100+ integrations

  • No coding knowledge required
  • Fully GDPR compliant 
  • All data securely stored in the EU 
  • Connect to 5000+ apps through Zapier
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