The best lead generation landing page

Why have a landing page if it doesn’t have a clear CTA to engage visitors? Serviceform’s Conversational landing page converses with and converts your web visitors, making it the best lead generation landing page.

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Chat about and explain products better with visuals

What’s a conversational landing page?

Serviceform’s Conversational landing page is a full-page, interactive chatbot that showcases your products and services through beautiful visuals – all while talking to potential customers at the same time.

Whatever you need, whichever industry you’re in, a conversational landing page fits any occasion. 

  • Use for a real estate property virtual tour
  • Give a lively presentation of newly launch products
  • Use as a lead generation landing page for marketing campaigns
  • Screen and qualify your job applicants

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A full-page chatbot

Show off your products with a lead generation landing page

A landing page is often text-heavy plus time-consuming to build. With our Conversational landing page, you can chat and show images at the same time to better explain your products and services.

  • Impress with beautiful images, videos, or 3D tours
  • Ask pre-qualifying questions to gauge interest
  • Use for a virtual tour, product presentation, or campaign landing page
  • Automatically assign leads to the right sales reps

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Our top real estate chatbot product

Lead generation landing page as a real estate virtual tour

Conversational landing pages can transform into a beautiful 3D virtual property tour that impresses web visitors. Answer their enquiries and book a house viewing right away from inside the landing page. Combined with our Dynamic chatbot, you can build 10K property tours with just 1 chatbot.

Converting 100 leads monthly

The ultimate lead generation landing page for automotive retailers

Our automotive retailer customers use the Conversational landing page to sell cars, caravans, trucks, and more! By making your vehicle listing with the landing page, you can show off your current stock and answer customer enquiries at the same time.

Need proof? The Volkswagen Group Retail has been constantly generating 100+ lead submissions every month through our Conversational landing page chatbot.

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The perfect landing page for marketing campaigns

Are you running a social media or email marketing campaign? Build a Conversational landing page to visually and textually present your products and services. 

Have a look at our automotive template where we show how you can run a marketing campaign with a Conversational landing page as an automotive dealer.

Create a free conversational landing page
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“Within six months, we were able to increase our lead generation by 100+ leads every month. It's very easy and convenient, the people are nice, you’ll get answers super fast whenever you need help. The results are good, so try them.”
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