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Increase enrollment and applicant quality

Serviceform’s education Chatbot can be used by schools, universities, and online course websites to increase enrollment.

  • Help applicants find the right courses
  • Increase the quality of applicants
  • Increase enrollment on course pages
  • Answer applicant enquiries with the Chatbot
  • Admission officers can join the chat to answer questions
  • Book interviews with eligible applicants
  • Increase engagement through a 24/7 communication channel
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Automate applicant qualification

Stop qualifying students manually

Serviceform’s education Chatbot asks pre-qualifying questions about applicant background, removing any manual qualifying step. Here’s what you can find out:

  • Age 
  • Country of residence 
  • Educational background 
  • Pre-requisites 
  • Certification 
  • Goals and motivation
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Start generating education leads in 3 easy steps:

Student visits website

A potential student opens your homepage and starts looking for a program that fits them. They start looking at all the programs offered by your institute.

Finds the course

To help them find the right one, a chatbot pops up and asks them what they were looking for. The chatbot narrows down the options from hundreds to a few.

Learns how to enroll

The student has now found their course and the chatbot can collect their details and show them how to enrol. All this without the involvement of your staff.

Inform and announce

Communicate important announcements

Make sure your applicants and students are well-informed and well-prepared. Announcements like the date and requirements for entrance exams, midterms, and finals. Or if there are important events on campus like Career Day, Open Day, or Culture Day. Let everyone know so you can get full attendance!

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Educational forms

Make tests and exams fun

Besides the education Chatbot to increase enrollment, you can evaluate students in another motivating way – with forms! Our dynamic forms are multistep and visual. You can use forms for self-assessment, course assessment, feedback collection, tests, quizzes, and more.

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