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What would a 30% increase in website leads mean for you? We’ve helped 200+ global real estate agencies get more buyer and seller leads every month with our real estate Chatbot.

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Get more real estate buyers and sellers

Serviceform’s real estate Chatbot can be installed across property listings and help you find out more about your buyers. Your agent receives the lead details and contact information directly in their email or over SMS for immediate communication. Here’s what you can find out from property buyers:

  • Buying or selling?
  • Buying and also selling?
  • Urgency and timeline
  • Budget
  • Postcode
  • Special requirements
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No manual updating needed

1 Dynamic chatbot for 10,000 personalised chatbots

Do you have 10,000 active property listings on your website and want the chatbots on each listing to be personalised? Create only 1 Dynamic real estate chatbot and the rest are automatically created based on however many pages you have and the content specific on each page. You can have content like:

  • Your listing description
  • Property agent image
  • Agent booking calendar
  • Contact information
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From web visitor to customer in 3 moves

Looking for updates

A visitor comes to your website looking to buy a property. Now they start scrolling through your site without proper direction on where to look.

Finds perfect fit

Before they waste any time, a chatbot pops up and asks them what they’re looking for. The chatbot then suggests options for their potential dream home.

Connect on the spot

Once they’ve found their dream property, the chatbot automatically connects them with the right agent. No need for any phone calls or emails!

Real estate chatbot on listing pages

Stand out in real estate online marketplaces

There are 1000s of new listings every day from competitors. It’s hard for you to stand out and even harder for potential buyers to find and choose you. Guide them through the buying journey and become their trusted partners.

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Don’t lose top agents to competitors

Automate attracting the best real estate talent

Make it easy for top agents to get in touch with you through Serviceform’s Dynamic Form and Chatbot for recruitment. Filter out irrelevant applicants by asking pre-qualifying questions about their background and work experience.

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“Within six months, we were able to increase our lead generation by 100+ leads every month. It's very easy and convenient, the people are nice, you’ll get answers super fast whenever you need help. The results are good, so try them.”
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