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Get more visitors to stay on your website and shop without leaving, then confidently complete checkout. Serviceform’s ecommerce Chatbot finds, recommends, and conversationally reminds shoppers why they’re on your page. All this means happier customers and fewer abandoned carts!

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Best ecommerce tools

The best ecommerce chatbot creates a contextual shopping experience

You’re losing online sales if you’re not using the best ecommerce tools like an ecommerce chatbot for lightning-fast product search and service FAQ. Chatbots with ecommerce personalisation are how today’s 24/7 shoppers are interacting with their favourite websites. Ecommerce Chatbots from Serviceform can:

  • Speed up how users find products and services Offer fast customer support with Serviceform Live chat
  • Reduce cart abandonment with cart reminder
  • Smartly sniff shopper carts and trigger calls to action
  • Let customers complete checkout inside the Chatbot
  • Build brand confidence and loyalty
  • Works seamlessly with Shopify, WooCommerce, and more!
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Ecommerce Chatbot with Live chat

Smart shopping cart sniffers for dynamic customer support

Ecommerce live chat is a real-time tool that improves the ecommerce customer experience. Use our Chatbot-Live chat hybrid to communicate, answer FAQs, and resolve customer issues. Serviceform’s ecommerce Chatbot can also sniff shopper carts and trigger actions.

  • Offer live chat support when carts reach a certain amount 
  • Make price requests easier with a dedicated chatbot 
  • Improve not only customer experience but sales revenue
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Start generating leads in 3 easy steps:

Shopper explores

A visitor lands on your e-commerce website to buy a certain product. Out of hundreds of listings, now they have to find what they came looking for.

Add items to cart

Before they start switching through tabs, a chatbot pops up which lets them search for their product, then announces your latest promotion

Makes the payment

Now they have added items to the cart without ever switching pages. Now the stripe integration on your chatbot can even collect their payments!

Ecommerce conversion rates

Customer feedback boosts click-through

Ecommerce customer experience is the new metric to watch for. And it’s low-cost marketing! Collect more ecommerce reviews and feedback by doing it conversationally and on-brand with an ecommerce Chatbot. Not only a trust and credibility builder, an ecommerce chatbot improves click-through rate (CTR) because shoppers are more likely to buy something valued by another shopper.

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Ecommerce customer experience

Stop visitors wanting to leave your page

Another of the best ecommerce tools, our Exit intent popups catch online shoppers before they scroll to close your page. But does it impact the ecommerce customer experience? Exit intent popups pull visitors back in by addressing friction visitors are experiencing in not finding what they want. Letting visitors know about a new deal or promotion that’s relevant to their browsing experience is key.

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