Best free chatbot for website

Serviceform's Chatbot for website turns your website into a 24/7 sales and customer service agent. Respond to your website visitors immediately and test as many website conversion ideas as you want with minimal resources.

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No-code chatbot builder

What is a good chatbot for website?

Serviceform chatbots help web visitors navigate your website, answer customer questions, process payment, and book meetings when interest is highest.

  • Search function inside the chatbot 
  • Welcome-back personalisation
  • Upload images, videos, gifs etc.
  • Stripe payment integration
  • Website and chatbot analytics
  • Chatbot-Live chat hybrid for all-hours customer service
  • Works perfectly with WordPress and other web builders

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Lead qualification, lead generation, and lead management

The best chatbot for website lead generation

On average, we help high-traffic websites increase their website conversion rate by 17-40%. Many of our customers are getting 100+ new leads every month. Serviceform chatbots:

  • Ask questions about needs, preferences, budget, and urgency
  • Find the product or service best suited for customer needs
  • Automatically assign leads to 1000+ reps and office branches
  • A/B test chatbot messages that work for you
  • Include Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chatbots

Create a free website chatbot
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Personalisation without manual updating

1 Dynamic chatbot for 1000 personalised chatbots

Do you have 1000 active products on your website and want the chatbots on each product page to be personalised? Create only 1 Dynamic chatbot and the rest are automatically created based on however many pages you have and the content specific to each page.

What can you do with Dynamic chatbots?

Content inside the Dynamic chatbot can be of any industry and includes: product description (prices + locations), images, contact information, and even booking calendars.

Example from real estate: You don't need to spend time building new chatbots for new property listings just to remove them after those properties have been sold! Everything is done for you automatically and dynamically.

Click on the button below to book a meeting with us and try the Dynamic chatbot.

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The best chatbot for website actually depends on your website

Serviceform provides basic Chatbots, Engagement chatbots, and Conversational landing pages (or Full-page chatbots). But our most unique chatbot is the Dynamic chatbot that takes real-time content directly from your web pages (no manual updates!) and puts it inside your chatbot for top-selling personalisation. 

Create a free website chatbot
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Responsive customer support

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No-code website chatbot builder

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Chatbot with Stripe payment integration

File upload in website chatbot

Dynamic chatbot for content personalization

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Lead routing

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“Within six months, we were able to increase our lead generation by 100+ leads every month. It's very easy and convenient, the people are nice, you’ll get answers super fast whenever you need help. The results are good, so try them.”
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