Real estate listing marketing plan chatbot template

No real estate listing marketing plan is complete without a chatbot like this.

Wanting to engage buyer leads fast and when their interest is highest? Wondering if that buyer lead also has a property to sell? Let this chatbot find out for you!

Ideal for independent realtors as well as real estate agencies, brokerages, alliances, and any business dealing in properties that wants to add some colour and creativity to their real estate listing marketing plan.

This flexible template has a lot of kerb appeal, allowing for faster response times thanks to automating client Q&A and then quickly engaging those website leads that want to talk to a live agent through the chatbot's live chat. The latest real estate marketing research doesn't lie: Engage when interest is highest – not later!

Additional benefits include multimedia property display, prequalifying questions to prioritise potential clients, and meeting scheduling and cancellation (right there from inside the chatbot!) and with all the right contact information questions asked in advance for future follow-up. Turn your property leads into prospects and your 'good' real estate listing marketing plan into a great one with our unique real estate chatbot template for property listings.

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