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Serviceform’s web analytics tools report your website performance and make it easy for you to utilise data for decision-making. Use the web analytics tools alone or combined with Chatbot and Live chat analytics tools to understand the whole customer journey.

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Free Web analytics tools that track the most important data

Google Analytics can be complex and difficult to understand – even for professional marketers. Sometimes all you need is a web analytics tool that reports the most meaningful data in the easiest way possible.

  • Real-time website traffic
  • Page views
  • Number of unique visitors
  • Number of leads and lead contacts
  • Traffic sources
  • Top-performing pages
  • Average time spent and bounce rate
  • Device and operating system analytics
  • Top countries

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Track Chatbot, Forms, Popups, and Floating bars

Web analytics tools that track chatbot data

Data from your website and conversion tools are often scattered. Especially when you use different software or plugins for different tools. Serviceform Web analytics tools track data from your website as well as Serviceform conversion tools installed on all pages.

  • Corner chatbots
  • Inline engagement chatbots
  • Conversational landing pages (Full-page chatbots)
  • Dynamic forms
  • Smart popups
  • Floating bars

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Web analytics for conversion tools

Analytics we track with Serviceform Web analytics tools include: total views, unique views, interactions, interaction rate, lead information, flow breakdown, drop-off rate, submission, submission rate, and redirects.

Export or copy the data to analyse them off-platform. 

Web analytics tools that work with Live chat statistics

Track team performance with statistics like total chats, missed chats, average wait time, and average reviews. Instantly collect user reviews across Chatbot and Live chat discussions.

Serviceform Live chat offers a powerful big teams structure. Have up to thousands of agents as well as multiple groups and structures of agents. 

Our Web analytics tools track data across individual, group, and team levels.

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Why you should use Serviceform Web analytics tools

We provide a simple all-in-one convenience platform that tracks user statistics 24/7 across both website and tools. Expect powerful data tracking that comes with flexible goal creation and management. Most importantly, it's straightforward with no-code and no-hassle install.

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