Car dealerships chatbot template

Handshakes sell: Convince unsure car buyers and web visitors alike to come to the lot!

Become one of the best car dealership websites to operate online and book online test drives with this easy-to-use template. Our car dealership chatbot allows for speedy response times thanks to automating car shopper Q&A and then quickly engages website leads that want to talk to a live agent through the chatbot's live chat.

Engage website visitors not only smarter, but let our chatbot communicate your car dealership’s promotions and services visually to win over each and every one.

Additional chatbot benefits include open brandability (make it yours!), test drive booking and cancellation, and limited time promotion or service ordering – all from inside the chatbot. And with the right need-to-know questions asked by the chatbot in advance, you’re always better prepared and can even get feedback where possible to revisit and improve your services. Up your website’s digital experience with this unique website chatbot for car dealerships.

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