Recruitment process template chatbot

Be talked about as the easy job portal for hiring companies with this recruitment process template.

Ideal for job listing platforms and job portals that want to simplify new job listing creation as well as the administrative overhead of hosting need-to-fill vacant positions for worldwide applicants to find. This recruitment process template helps companies of all sizes but particularly those lacking the web traffic or internal resources to host browsable vacancies from their own website and would like their third-party job listing process to be automated and as painless as possible.

Cost-effective and time-saving, this recruitment process template makes simple conversation of uploading current job openings. The fully brandable chatbot charismatically guides each company through the listing process by multistep questions, capturing contact lead information along the way for future follow-up and nurturing of B2B relationships – all conveniently from inside the chatbot.

Every new job listing means a potentially new contact (and relationship!) for your job portal. Happy listing!

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