Car quiz chatbot template

Match online buyers with their ideal cars in a fun way.

Ready to move more of your inventory online? This car quiz chatbot template is a fun way to help buyers find the right vehicle for them. Ideal users of this template are car dealers with dealer websites and greater car dealership chains. This easy-to-use and openly brandable chatbot template allows for faster lead response times thanks to automating car Q&A and then quickly engaging website leads that want to talk to a live agent through the chatbot's live chat.

Engage website visitors not only smarter, but let our chatbot communicate your car services visually to win over each and every one.

Options with this template include prioritising by what's most important to the buyer (like affordability versus luxury!), how many travellers the buyer typically travels with, and what options are most appealing. You can even ask visually through logos what car brands the buyer doesn't like to help narrow their search even more. Lastly, this template lets you capture the buyer's contact information for easy follow-up!

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