Supermarket homepage chatbot

Put the 'super' back in supermarket with this high-converting chatbot template.

This supermarket chatbot template is ideal for the homepages of supermarkets, groceries and speciality stores of all sizes, or any food and drink service that takes orders. This easy-to-use and openly brandable chatbot template allows for faster lead response times thanks to automating supermarket Q&A and then quickly engaging website leads that want to talk to a live agent through the chatbot's live chat.

Engage website visitors not only smarter, but let our chatbot communicate your supermarket's products and services visually to win over each and every one.

Helpful options with this supermarket chatbot include taking food orders, easy-search of all available products (with appealing visuals!), shipping information, opening hours, and real-time customer care should any website visitor need assistance. The fast response times facilitated by this template are proven to increase website leads and even store foot traffic should the chatbot guide them to your nearest location!

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