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Request for proposal form template

Our innovative RFP cart does the heavy lifting on managing competitive offers.

Our request for proposal form template allows customers to quickly and easily submit their cart as a request for proposal (RFP) offer. This is ideal for ecommerce websites with business customers, or customers who make very large purchases like in construction or wholesale. The RFP cart can also be set to visible on your ecommerce page for only a select group of customers – for example, logged-in customers of a specified business sector.

After customers submit their RFP cart, you'll receive an email request with all the details and can then contact the business to discuss the request for proposal in detail. This helps businesses streamline the processing of large orders while making it easier to get in touch with businesses.

We automatically sync your RFP ecommerce cart with the Chatbot.

The request for proposal form template enables business customers to give helpful information about their order – such as quantity, desired delivery date, and any other need-to-know requirements for your business to make well-informed decisions on fulfillment. The template ensures orders are processed both quickly and accurately. To encourage recurring offers, businesses can save their RFP carts for future use and track any progress throughout the process.

With this level of template flexibility, businesses save time and money managing incoming request for proposal forms in a way that works uniquely for them.

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