What are chatbots used for?

Chatbots automate customer service. This means they answer customer questions, help navigate products of interest, and collect contact info. Ours even let customers schedule appointments or make purchases from right inside the chatbot itself.

What makes a chatbot intelligent?

Adapting. And personalising. Serviceform’s Chatbots actually respond contextually, talking not just to any page visitor – but to you. Depending on your industry, certain chatbot types will provide better user experiences. Like Dynamic chatbots for real estate and education; Engagement bots for ecommerce; and Full-page bots for automotive or really any industry with products to showcase.

Book a free website review with Hanna, our chatbot expert, and we’ll talk the latest in chatbots for customer service – then how you could be getting (a lot) more leads.

What other chatbot types are there? Anything dynamic?

There is! Serviceform’s unique Dynamic chatbots, taking real-time content directly from your webpages (no manual updates!) and putting it inside your Chatbot for top-selling personalisation. Content can be of any industry (services, products, properties, or vehicles) and includes:

✔ Description plus price or location
✔ Images, GIFs, videos
✔ Relevant booking details
✔ Contact information

So 400 active products on your website means 400 Dynamic chatbots for each product page? Nope. It means only 1 Chatbot and the rest are automatically and conversationally created based on however many pages you have and the content specific to each page.

Are chatbots expensive or hard to use?

Chatbots for customer service are one of the cheapest but most effective means of lead generation. With our Dynamic chatbots, just 1 Chatbot can pull info from 1000s of pages and products. We build and install our Chatbots for you. No coding! And we’ll optimise too at no extra charge to ensure performance.

How do I make money with chatbots?

Better: How do you not make money with chatbots? Working 24/7, chatbots qualify leads for you based on preset criteria – saving you time on which leads to nurture. They also collect lead contact info outside operational hours and when all staff are busy, freeing up workdays to convert leads rather than chase them.

What is live chat then?

Live chat is real-time communication with a real person. Also taking place inside a chat window, Serviceform’s Chatbot-Live chat hybrid brings live chat solutions full circle for all-hours customer service.

Heard of Automated lead routing? It’s how our Chatbots uniquely connect website visitors to designated team reps and agents in real time for higher-percentage live chat conversion.

Hanna Aarnio
Website conversion expert

What else can the Chatbot do:

Process payments and reoccurring monthly orders via Stripe
FAQ knowledgebase
Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chatbots
SearchBot (Redirect search and Advanced search)
Easy integration with Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook
And more!

Why Serviceform?

The one toolset with no regret
Tools for this, that, and even tools for other tools. Stop the madness by starting with Serviceform: Simplify getting the most out of your web data!
Because time is a resource
Spend just one hour with us and we’ll handle the rest. Our customer success and support teams are here everyday making sure of it.
Specialist support
We’re always listening to our customers’ needs. Improving. Updating. How you envision your business is exactly our business!

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