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Property enquiry form template

Empower your online property buyers with our unique multi-property enquiry form.

Our popular property enquiry form is for real estate agencies, brokerages, independent realtors, or anyone with one or many properties to sell. Flexibly appearing anywhere inside your website, the fully brandable property enquiry form both simplifies and elevates the (boring!) traditional online form.

This template makes it easy to sell properties to interested homebuyers but first, actually helps homebuyers find those properties! In just a couple clicks, the buyer can even schedule a property visit. For something especially neat and sure to drive real estate website conversion, use this template to let buyers enquire about multiple properties – all at once.

Your customers can enquire about multiple properties all at once.

This real estate enquiry form covers all buyer bases to include property type they're interested in, location, budget, and contact details for scheduling a visit. This is a straightforward but aesthetically-pleasing real estate consumer enquiry form you can quickly customise through our form builder.

For greater multi-property enquiry clickthrough and an easier online form experience, grab our signature property enquiry form dynamic template today.

Happy property selling!

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