Job application form template

This chatbot template simplifies job application forms by prequalifying applicants.

Ideal for human resources (HR) and any in-house HR department that wants to simplify the administrative overhead of hiring new staff. This chatbot template is also suitable for a company lacking the internal resources to qualify and process applicants in a timely manner but wants to!

This easy-to-use chatbot template prequalifies applicants based on criteria you set, and can even manage sorting the dates and times of later interviews. Prequalifying applicants means you know who to prioritise for interview and who to reject, saving you (a lot!) of time and freeing up both in-house attention and resources for where they're needed most.

Additional benefits include interview scheduling and cancellation (inside the chatbot!) with all the right questions asked in advance, like applicant special needs or any need-to-know information so you know how best to prepare. Make hiring manageable and even fun again with this job application form chatbot template!

Happy hiring!

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