Home renovation website chatbot template

This chatbot template is guaranteed to revamp your home renovation website.

Ideal for home renovation services of all types that take online appointments for inspections and are interested in letting web visitors ask for their advice on best-idea renovations!

This chatbot template engages your web visitors and gets them to tell you what it is they're looking to get done. Another chatbot option is for you to help them increase the value in their home through an inspection! For those that know what they want, this chatbot asks what in the home they'd like renovated – like stairs, walls, roofing, or flooring, and continues to capture all the important details of the job. For those wanting your expert assessment on where and what to renovate, chatbot benefits include appointment making and cancellation (inside the chatbot!) for both online and physical inspections.

Increase the customers you get from your home renovation website by getting this chatbot template!

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