September 25, 2023

5 Popular Digital Marketing Services And 1 You Didn’t Know About

No agency should limit their digital marketing services. Learn how agencies can grow to offer more client solutions.
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Dineth Lankaloka
No agency should limit their digital marketing services. Learn how agencies can grow to offer more client solutions.

Digital marketing services have become a lifeline of modern business. So if you’re running a marketing agency, you need to make sure you provide a range of digital marketing solutions to help companies enhance their digital presence as much as possible. 

It’s an industry that’s constantly evolving and new digital marketing services are breaking into the market regularly. For example, if your marketing agency offers website development services but not web conversion services, your customers won’t be able to get the best results from the beautiful website you’ve built for them. 

That’s why the digital marketing services you offer need to complement each other. The beautiful websites you develop can be complemented with digital marketing solutions such as SEO and web conversion to drive and convert visitors. If you don’t have the budget or resources to offer these services internally, you need to start looking for marketing partnerships that can help you create a comprehensive offering of digital marketing services.

In this article, I explore 5 of the most popular digital marketing services that create a complete package of digital marketing solutions. And I have a little-known pro tip for you at the end of this blog: So keep reading!

Popular digital marketing services #1: Website design and development

Build a clean, informative and easy to navigate website for your customers which includes details about their product or service and relevant contact information.
Digital marketing services: Website design

Websites are at the heart of all digital marketing solutions. Any pay-per-click, email, social media, or any other type of campaign almost always leads right back to a company website. And most businesses prefer to get all of their digital marketing services from one place. So if you don’t offer website design and development services, then that itself is a turnoff for many companies. 

Designing websites is a tricky and a complicated process. You need to make sure the website is easy to navigate and communicates all the necessary information about the business while not overwhelming visitors at the same time. Designing a clean UI and easy navigation prompts can be good places to start your website building process.

If your agency doesn’t have the time or resources to design and develop websites, consider marketing partnerships with web development firms. Once your customer has a beautiful website in hand – whether it be directly from your agency or through one of your marketing partnerships – you then need to ensure you’re driving traffic to that website. Which brings us to our next point. 

Popular digital marketing services #2: SEO content creation

Create educational and insightful content about trending topics within your customer's industry to drive more traffic into their website.
Digital marketing services: SEO

Now your customer has a beautiful website to showcase their products and services. But a beautiful website without any traffic isn’t worth a nickel. For a company to get value out of their website, they need traffic.

One of the most effective digital marketing services for increasing web traffic is SEO (or, search engine optimisation). Whenever someone wants to purchase a new product or service, the first thing they do is almost always to google about their needs. Creating SEO-optimised content for customer websites can ensure they appear in the top search results whenever someone searches a relevant query. 

That’s why SEO content creation is a good tool to have in your list of digital marketing solutions. By inserting relevant keywords with high-traffic volume into a website’s product pages and by writing educational articles about trending topics within your customer’s industry, you can attract web visitors who are actually interested in the services you have on offer. 

Another benefit of creating content is that it helps your brand reach more potential customers across platforms. You can create new content, market that content to a variety of channels, and reap the benefits. Creating SEO-optimised content is one of the most cost effective ways to drive qualified traffic to your website.

Popular digital marketing services #3: Pay per click advertising (PPC)

The way of advertising has changed drastically over the past couple of decades. Pay per click advertising is a fast and effective way to deliver immediate results to your customers.
Digital marketing services: Ad campaigns and PPC

Now we’re getting to the nitty-gritty of digital marketing services. Digital marketing solutions have revolutionised the art of advertising to the point of a marketer from 20 years ago having no clue how to set up an ad campaign today. 

Companies partnering with a marketing agency to run PPC campaigns is the most popular model for marketing partnerships. Most companies don’t have the resources or knowledge to run effective PPC campaigns and therefore prefer marketing partnerships that provide these services rather than trying to do it themselves. 

Running PPC campaigns on top of SEO content you’ve already created for your customer generates quicker results ​​because they don’t have to wait on the organic reach of SEO or social media.

The reason companies prefer marketing partnerships for their PPC needs is because it takes some finesse to get right. You first need to figure out your audience, their interests, demographics, and pain points. Then you need to configure your ads in a way that delivers the maximum results at the lowest possible cost. 

Most companies don’t want to spend time learning all the nitty-gritty details behind PPC campaigns. So if your agency can provide the necessary expertise and deliver good results from your campaigns, running PPC campaigns is a great way to establish long-lasting marketing partnerships with your customers. 

Popular digital marketing services #4: Website conversion tools

Make sure that you have a way to easily convert the traffic you're driving into your customer's website.
Digital marketing services: Traffic demands conversion tools

Now you’ve built a beautiful website for your customer, created SEO-optimised content to drive traffic, and started running PPC campaigns to create awareness and generate leads. But there’s still something missing. What happens when you stop running PPC campaigns? Does the lead flow suddenly stop?

It doesn’t have to. That’s why your digital marketing solutions need to include a solution that can help your customers maintain a steady flow of leads even when they’re not running paid ads. One of the best digital marketing services for this problem is website conversion tools. The beautiful website you’ve built and all the content you’ve created is useless unless you create a way to convert the traffic you attract to the website. 

Popular website conversion tools include chatbots, online forms, and smart popups. These tools can not only help generate leads, they also increase engagement and reduce bounce rates of your website by communicating key information and making website navigation easier.

On average, internet users only take 0.05 seconds (50 milliseconds) to make their mind up about your website. To impress website visitors, you need fast load times and key info up top. With tools like chatbots and online forms, you can quickly communicate relevant information and engage web visitors inside this key time window before they lose interest.

Most marketing agencies don’t have the required resources to build website conversion tools internally. But that’s nothing to worry about. You can look for affiliate marketing partnerships that provide these tools for your customers. This is a great way for you to create a steady flow of leads for your customers and an extra source of recurring revenue for your agency. 

Popular digital marketing services #5: Email marketing

Email marketing is an underrated, but a very effective way to get your message through to your target audience.
Digital marketing services: Email marketing

Email marketing is criminally underrated. But it’s one of the most powerful digital marketing services. More than any other platform, people check their emails more frequently. If you can figure out a way to slide into the inbox of your target audience, you’ll have a much better chance of getting through to them than any paid ad campaign ever could. 

But properly carrying out an email marketing campaign is not an easy feat to accomplish. First you need an email list of your ideal target audience. The average reply rate for email campaigns is between 2-3%. In order to get about 10 replies, you’ll basically need to send your campaign out to about 500 contacts. And these contacts need to be people who are interested in the product or service you have to offer. 

Creating a quality list of contacts is just the first step to launching an email campaign. Then you need to figure out a common pain point for all the contacts and address it in a personalised way through email. Email campaigns should have a personal touch in order for them to work. It’s a lot of work and a tough art to master. This is why most companies turn to a digital marketing solutions provider to carry out these campaigns. 

If your agency can master the art of email marketingit’s a great way to establish marketing partnerships with potential customers. Since email marketing is a way to get through to potential customers and at a lower cost, it makes it easier for you to convince customers to try out your other digital marketing services.

Popular digital marketing services: The underrated one

It is required by law to give every web visitor the freedom to choose which cookies they want to remain active while they’re in the website.
Digital marketing services: Cookie management

Thank you for making it this far in the blog! Here’s the bonus tip for digital marketing services I’d promised you at the start of this blog. 

Have you heard of cookies? Cookies come in different forms. The most common types of cookies are functional cookies which are required for the functionality of a website, and then marketing cookies used for tracking. These cookies help websites remember your visit and this data can be later used for remarketing campaigns.

Both these types of cookies are used by virtually every single website. But did you know that according to the general data protection regulation (GDPR), that it’s required by law to give every web visitor the freedom to choose which cookies they want to remain active while they’re in the website? 

If your marketing agency can help your customers stay within GDPR compliance, that’s another great value addition you can provide. This will help you to establish strong marketing partnerships with your customers from the very beginning by showcasing not only your knowledge in marketing, but also your knowledge in the general privacy regulations around marketing. 

It’s mandatory for every business in Europe to comply with GDPR rules. A cookie banner is thus a necessary tool for any website operating within  EU countries. With Serviceform’s help, you can easily provide this essential service to your customers. Even if you have thousands of clients, it only takes a few seconds to install a thousand cookie banners on client websites.

Tagomo, a leading Finnish marketing agency, added Serviceform’s cookie banner to their arsenal of digital marketing solutions and currently have more than 1000 customers who use the cookie banner

Wrapping up

In summary, your agency should not limit the digital marketing services you offer to one or two areas of expertise. Your agency should offer a variety of digital marketing solutions that complement each other and bring the maximum possible value to your customers. 

For example, the web development services you provide can be complemented by creating SEO-optimised content and web conversion tools to increase and convert traffic on customer websites. Similarly, PPC campaigns can be boosted by following up with your target audience via email campaigns to ensure maximum exposure and results. 

And if your agency doesn’t have the necessary resources to provide these services, you can look for marketing partnerships that offer these services. That way, your customers get all their digital marketing solutions from the same place.

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