How SEAS Open Higher Studies got a 71.6% increase in website conversion

"Serviceform helped us increase conversion directly from the course pages and remove a manual qualifying step in our process. It also provided our clients with a new and direct communication channel with us".
Christina Cabra
Marketing at SEAS
How SEAS Open Higher Studies got a 71.6% increase in website conversion
How SEAS Open Higher Studies got a 71.6% increase in website conversion

A new communication channel that pre-qualifies

The objective of SEAS was to open a new communication channel for its users and improve the quality of the leads coming from the website.

By opening this new communication channel, the aim was to improve the way in which students interested in studying at SEAS could get in touch with the school 24/7 in a simple and dynamic way.

Serviceform structured a chatbot project with two different types of conversations. A generic chatbot was implemented on the home page and other informative URLs while on all course pages, a specific conversation was developed for those students interested in a particular course.

During the conversation that the user has with the chatbot, the qualification of the lead is achieved by asking certain questions such as age, country of residence or the information they need about a particular course.

71.6% increase in website conversion

After 6 months after the implementation of the chatbot project, SEAS' conversion rate increased significantly by 71.6% compared to the start of the project.

Indirectly, the bounce rate decreased by 4.13% and there was an increase in browsing time of 31%. These results were caused by the interactive effect of chatbots, which translates into greater interaction with the website and an increase in the average session time.

At the same time, the quality of leads has increased and the qualification process for leads has been significantly optimized.

About SEAS

SEAS specializes in offering high-quality technical training within SEAS Open Higher Studies. Specialized training in the industrial and business field, which completes the online training offered by this centre. Additionally, SEAS offers education and training in different sectors like audiovisual, hospitality, design, sports, healthcare and veterinary.

In addition, SEAS Open Higher Studies is the San Valero Group's online training centre. An educational institution with more than 65 years of history whose model has been based on the training of professionals in technical and professional skills as well as integrated into their social environment without forgetting the most important values as citizens of the world.

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“Within six months, we were able to increase our lead generation by 100+ leads every month. It's very easy and convenient, the people are nice, you’ll get answers super fast whenever you need help. The results are good, so try them.”
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