April 19, 2024

Top 6 Website Conversion Trends For 2024

Stay ahead of the competition with the top 6 conversion marketing trends for 2023. Our expert tips will help you optimise your website and drive traffic, resulting in higher conversions for your business.
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Dineth Lankaloka
Stay ahead of the competition with the top 6 conversion marketing trends for 2023. Our expert tips will help you optimise your website and drive traffic, resulting in higher conversions for your business.

Conversion marketing is like making a cup of coffee: It’s an essential task of most people’s day-to-day life, but also an art that’s not easy to master. Us marketers, we are the baristas in this case. When we make the coffee right, it goes unnoticed. But if we mess up even the slightest bit, everyone’s annoyed. 

Similarly, optimizing website conversion rates is an underappreciated art. It’s a tricky beast to tackle and one that’s integral to the success of modern businesses. That’s why a 2023 guide on which conversion marketing trends to follow comes in handy when optimizing your own website conversion!

To increase your website conversion, first you need to drive traffic to your website. In this guide, we’ll go through 6 key conversion marketing trends that will help you increase that traffic and then conversions from your website. 

Conversion marketing trends: Micro-engagements 

No one likes anyone forcing you into buying something. In conversion marketing, subtle engagements go a long way in keeping a web visitor engaged.

You want to ease your customers with small requests first and then ask for a large request later. If you try to get your customer to provide personal information at the top of the funnel, the likelihood of it succeeding is much lower than if you were easing them into it by first asking them some questions.

If you’re running a real estate agency, ease your buyers into giving up the information you need. First ask them simple questions, like ‘Are you buying or selling?’. Show two questions at a time to make it easier for users to progress through the funnel. 

Look at below example of an inline chatbot that RengasTek uses on their homepage. They have a test to engage their visitors so people understand what they need and to get them interested in exploring RengasTek’s services. 

Top 6 website conversion trends for 2023: Micro-engagements for a more subtle approach to customer engagement
Top 6 website conversion trends for 2023: Micro-engagements for a more subtle approach to customer engagement

Improve your website engagement by using ice-breaking methods like tests, quizzes, surveys, and even lead magnets.

Conversion marketing trends: Interactive video content

People are so used to seeing static visuals all over the internet that it’s really hard to grab someone’s attention with one. Interactive video content, on the other hand, conveys a lot more information than a static graphic or any text content. For this reason, users will likely hang around for a minute to watch an informative, eye-catching video. More engagement means more website conversions!

You can show off the benefits or stunning looks of your products more vividly through video than a static image. Even share product how-to videos or helpful tips. 

Video SEO is another important aspect in using video content to engage your audience. Video SEO is simply optimizing your video to be indexed and ranked on search engine results pages for relevant keyword searches. Do this by adding a video transcript and an engaging thumbnail to your video content – along with an SEO-optimized title and video description.

Apart from videos on your website, another pro tip I can give you is to keep an eye on the evolution of all social media platforms. For example, Instagram is moving away from pictures and putting more focus into promoting Reels – a type of short form video. This is a good conversion marketing strategy to drive more traffic to your website. 

Conversion marketing trends: Mobile optimization

With the majority of internet traffic now coming from mobile, it's essential for businesses to optimize their websites accordingly. This includes making sure the site loads quickly, has a user-friendly design, and is easy to navigate on smaller screens.

According to a November 2022 study, almost 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Most of the time, people first find a website while they’re browsing the web from their mobile devices. Even though mobile visitors don’t convert as much as desktop users do, it’s still important to create a good first impression when people land on your website. 

To further emphasise the importance of optimizing your website for mobile, the conversion rate of mobile users is also rapidly increasing. According to the same study, 42% of those mobile web visitors used their mobile device to order a product or service and a further 38% surfed the web for work-related reasons.

In conversion marketing, it’s important to cater to everybody. So make sure the content on your website is readable, even on smaller mobile screens. Use different sizes for both fonts and CTAs to make them easier to read and more accessible for those who access your website through mobile. 

This alone can significantly reduce bounce rates on your website. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who’s going into a website. If that website can’t be read or easily navigated on your mobile device, you’re very likely to leave the website and find another. Reducing bounce rates go a long way in increasing your website conversion rate! 

Conversion marketing trends: Pre-built chatbots

Out of all lead generation software, chatbots might well be the most popular. Chatbots are a great way to reduce bounce rates and engage visitors with your website. There are few different types of chatbots such as pre-built chatbots, AI chatbots, and Live chat. 

Out of these different types, the most effective one for conversion marketing would be the pre-built chatbot. A pre-built chatbot is a tool that’s premade with a conversational flow that web visitors can freely engage with – regardless of the availability of your agents. Its ability to engage with web visitors at all times makes a pre-built chatbot the perfect tool to effectively engage web visitors. 

Pre-built chatbots are better than AI chatbots because users know exactly what they can ask. Taking your most frequently asked questions and putting them inside your chatbots will save your customer service agents a lot of time from answering repetitive questions. This is also why pre-built chatbots are better than live chats. However, you can also use chatbot and live chat combinations if you prefer your agents connecting directly with users.

You can use a pre-built chatbot for other reasons. Apart from generating leads, it also helps web visitors easily navigate the different sections of your website by helping them find exactly what they’re looking for. And using different versions of pre-built chatbots – such as inline bots and full-page bots, lets you create an immersive and interactive experience for your web visitors. 

Top 6 website conversion trends for 2023: Reduce bounce rates with pre-built chatbots

Conversion marketing trends: Keep the conversation going

No matter what lead generation software you’re using, if the prospect can’t remember you, the chances of them converting from a lead to a customer is very low. If you don’t keep the conversation going – even if generating thousands of leads per month, your website conversion rate will remain the same. 

A great way to fix this is to keep nurturing leads you generate through any lead generation software you’re using. Nurturing email sequences are rapidly becoming an essential part of conversion marketing and if you’re not familiar with it, it’s about time you hop on the bandwagon.

A nurturing email is an email that marketers send to move users from a lead funnel’s consideration stage to the decision stage. These emails aim to show more details about a product or service and highlight its best features.

You too can send a sequence of emails to nurture leads. For example, start off with educational content and then later on in the sequence, introduce your products more in depth. This is a great way to make sure your leads don’t forget about you! 

Conversion marketing trends: Retargeted ads

Retargeted ads have been a staple in conversion marketing for quite a while now. But this trend is only growing in popularity and is likely to grow even further in 2023. For those who don’t know, retargeting is when you use ads to recapture the interest of a website visitor that left without buying or responding favourably to your CTAs. 

Setting up a retargeting campaign is now easier than ever. All you have to do is install a pixel on your website to capture the audience that comes to your website, and then design ads catering to that specific audience. 

Just like with nurturing emails, this is a great way to keep your prospect thinking about your brand. But different visitors have different goals and interests, meaning retargeting doesn’t work with a one-size-fits-all approach. So make sure you find your specific demographics and create ads that specifically fit them. 

Because it’s a big waste of money if you can’t convert visitors coming to your website through ads, combine this trend with micro-engagement and nurturing emails for best results!


In the digital era of running a business, conversion marketing is more important than ever. So it’s important to keep an eye on new trends that help to increase your website conversion rate. 

The most important part of increasing your website conversion is to constantly engage web visitors! Whether it be through micro-engagements, retargeting or nurturing emails, this is the best way to ensure you’re getting the best ROI possible from the lead generation software you’re using. 

The other key element of conversion marketing is driving traffic to your website. You can use influencer marketing to drive traffic and interactive video content as well as mobile optimization to help you retain the traffic you’ve brought in. Less bounce, after all, means more conversions!

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