September 25, 2023

Tech’s Most People-first Company Just Got a Lot Peoplier!

For greater consistency across channels, we’ve put the paintbrushes down on our big rebrand to give you a glimpse into our shiny-new logo, slogan, and more.
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Charles Buchanan
For greater consistency across channels, we’ve put the paintbrushes down on our big rebrand to give you a glimpse into our shiny-new logo, slogan, and more.

Springtime is for cleaning and at Serviceform, we’ve done spring 2022 proud with a good head-to-toe scrubbing! 🚿 💇 🪣 Staying true to our company values has never been more important than in the face of unstoppable growth. 

We’ve put the brushes down to give you a glimpse into our shiny-new logo, company slogan, and online presence!   

New look, same neighbourly spirit!

Our products and services have grown. And we as a company need to grow with them. We’re bigger and smarter than ever – no longer famous only for our industry-standout chatbots.  We’ve rebranded to ensure that everywhere you see us (and you’re going to be seeing a lot of us!), the Serviceform message is clear: We believe in people-first solutions to everyday tech problems.

Consistency in our online presence means engaging with us on any platform has an instantly recognisable look and feel – for current and future users alike. Across marketing, sales, and support channels, we’re aiming high and have challenged ourselves to bring all of Serviceform’s strengths into one core customer experience.

Tech it easy. For growing businesses that have tried and walked away from overly ‘techy’ tools, our new slogan speaks directly to you. Tech it easy means don’t worry, signalling our unique ability to help you help yourself. 

Serviceform: Tech it easy!

Founded on a principle of tech accessibility, Serviceform never talks over you or to you. We believe in conversations. If you’ve ever felt that marketing software companies assume you’re either a tech wizard or too dumb to learn to be one, you’re not alone. In fact, most people are somewhere in the middle, and to you, we say welcome!

This year has been a special one. Our tools are so easy to use that our customers continue to tell us they’ve been able for the first time to create their own custom tools – and that won’t be changing anytime soon!  In addition to our no-hassle setup services, we’re excited to add DIY options to our service packages in 2022. This means our customers can get just the right marketing solutions they need for the job – from lead generation tools to superior communication management, and nothing they don’t need or want to do themselves. The way we see it, our reputation of speed, tech-made-easy smarts, and neighbourly approachability called for nothing less. Of course, whatever Serviceform tools or support you need, you’ll now be recognising us a little easier! 🤩

Rise Oop in 2022!

Rise what you say? Yes, Oop! Our new Oop symbol represents communication and is stylised from left to right in a confident forward-motioning doodle – in the direction of tomorrow, really. But rising Oop isn’t just about us. It’s about you too! Don’t be afraid to go for your goals and be the best you. An ignored goal, after all, isn’t really much different from a problem. So rise Oop with us and be a problem-solver, not a problem-haver! 

Serviceform’s inspired visual designer and man behind the Oop, Derek Correa, explains, “The inspiration for the Oop comes from the 3 dots of communication messages and communication is what we sell.” He continues the Oop connects businesses and customers together – and that connection being what Serviceform was built on. It’s all about people after all, isn’t it? 

Look for the Oop on our LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok social media channels, and don’t forget to stop by our new website! 😍 🙌

Serviceform's new logo
Serviceform's new logo

Going forward. We’ve already nearly doubled in size this year from 30 to 50 full-time team members. In-demand products are in store to include Ourly (next-level meeting scheduler) and the Social inbox (never-lose-a-lead social media manager).  Service plans are in motion to include DIY options alongside our traditional no-hassle, made-to-order service packages. And support will be there for our customers every step of the way, whatever solution package fits your needs.

In teasing what’s to come, we’re also positioned to enter exciting new markets, so stay tuned on where we’re looking to expand and possibly even be hiring! Until then, remember to tech it easy! 😉

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