September 25, 2023

Serviceform Is Back With a Bang!

Hola, amigos! Get ready to rock your website with us. We're back in Spain with a wide range of conversion tools to serve you better.
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Dineth Lankaloka
Hola, amigos! Get ready to rock your website with us. We're back in Spain with a wide range of conversion tools to serve you better.

It all started in 2019 in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Four short years later, Serviceform’s website conversion tools have outperformed competitors and copycats alike, even leading in national markets like Finland for real estate. But not so for Spain. Sadly, COVID-19 forced Serviceform to leave Barcelona behind in their journey to the top.

With the arrival of COVID-19 in March of 2020, Serviceform was forced to shut down their office in Barcelona, Spain. Two years later, Serviceform is now making a grand comeback to la Ciudad Condal.

On 15 July at Carrer de Bailén 71, 08009 Barcelona, Serviceform returned to take Spain by storm. In an exclusive event, they hosted existing and potential customers, investors, and others in style to celebrate their Spanish relaunch.

“It was like one minute we were all working together in the office and suddenly they asked us to shut everything down and work from home,” CEO of Serviceform, Iranthi Gomes reflects. She continues, “When COVID happened the mindset of almost every business was, we’re taking a step back, cutting down on costs and not doing anything new. We realised we had to hit pause for a while because we didn't know what to expect.”

The dashboard and music playlist at the Serviceform office in Barcelona, Spain
Serviceform Spanish office

Where it all began

Iranthi and her business and life partner, Jarkko Oksanen, started Serviceform in 2018 to help the non-tech savvy business community. While their goals were rooted in putting the ‘customer’ back into ‘customer support’, Serviceform’s unique take on tech-made-simple allowed them to achieve an even greater goal: Removing the fear associated with tech.

From changing how website visitors find information they’re looking for to generating more sales-qualified leads, the company innovated tools like Dynamic forms while popularising Chatbots early in their venture. As their business grew, that’s when the Barcelona chapter started.

After operating remotely from Australia and the United States, they now wanted to open their first office. And in February 2019, they settled on Barcelona. Their first employee was Daniel Aguilon.

The rejuvenation

Daniel led the Spanish team successfully for a year until COVID-19 stopped the world in the blink of an eye. Daniel and his team accumulated more than 30 customers in the 13 months they got to do business.

The pandemic hit Spain particularly hard, so shuttering for the time – as was the case for all businesses, became a necessity. But Serviceform continued to stay active in Spain, waiting for an opportunity to get back into the game. This opportunity came in early 2022 when they’d brought back Daniel as Spain’s country manager with hopes of recruiting more employees and reopening the Barcelona office.

“Relaunching the office in Spain felt like coming back home,” Daniel says. “We see tremendous potential in the Spanish market and we’re super excited to expand our operations in the country.”

The party hosted by Serviceform to celebrate its relaunch in Barcelona, Spain
Spanish office relaunch party

Now bigger and better

As of April 2022, Serviceform has assembled a Spanish team of six while looking to expand even further. And compared to when they’d closed the Barcelona office in 2020, Serviceform’s tool suite has grown exponentially.

Now Serviceform hosts 13 tools under its banner that help businesses generate leads, then converting them into customers and managing them. And not only that, the team has grown to over 50 members across four countries with a new focus of bringing their toolset to the international market.

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