Ourly vs. Chili Piper

Ready to compare two of the top meeting schedulers currently on the market?

Ready to compare two of the top meeting schedulers currently on the market? Chili Piper is one of the most popular automated solutions out there. However, Ourly comes with several unique features and a robust foundation. Let’s dive in and check which one suits you best!


Price shouldn't be the most important factor when buying any kind of product or service. It’s no less a decisive aspect of the buying process. 

Let’s check below the differences between Ourly and Chili Piper when it comes to pricing:

Ourly versus Chili Piper pricing


Features are what separate top tools from mediocre ones. So, who’s got the greater value proposition?

Ourly versus Chili Piper features

Ourly versus Chili Piper featuresIt’s plain to see that Ourly and Chili Piper have similar features. But Ourly offers more options when it comes to languages and metrics – not to mention a unique virtual business card that saves contacts directly onto your phone. Cool stuff. Ourly also offers a 14-day trial period so you can try out the tool before buying.

Which one’s for you?

Well, that depends on your business.

To start, it’s good to point out that Ourly is fully optimised across phones, tablets, and desktops. This ensures you and participants don’t face compatibility issues while using the software from any device.

Chili Piper booking page

Chili Piper is mostly used by mid-size companies (60% of users, actually). Ourly being newer was created for all users, from small to large enterprises. One common complaint of Chili Piper users are loading times, it often taking longer than normal to load. Another problem pointed out is that it doesn’t support white labels, meaning you can’t use custom branding to match your brand. On the other hand, with Ourly you have the ability to do these CSS customisation.

Ourly booking page

While both Ourly and Chili Piper are lacking a free plan, they’re meant for organisations and not individual users. When it comes to price, Ourly has an economy of scale. The bigger the number of users, the smaller the price you pay.  For Chili Piper, the price doesn't change. And while $15 per user isn’t bad, remember that you’re billed annually.

The bottom line: Chili Piper is for you if you have a small- to medium-sized business and are not looking for an on-the-go solution (mobile and tablets). For anything else, I recommend Ourly. Ourly stands out with its mobile display flexibility and different language options. Another cool (and unique) feature is the virtual business card! 

Are you curious about Ourly and would like to try this new tool? Try booking a meeting with us (via Ourly, of course!) and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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