September 8, 2023

We launched Ourly: The easiest meeting scheduling tool

Ourly has arrived and we're excited to share it with you! Read more to learn about the shareable meeting tool for scheduling on-the-go and converting customers.
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Nimesha Buvanendran
Ourly has arrived and we're excited to share it with you! Read more to learn about the shareable meeting tool for scheduling on-the-go and converting customers.

It's finally here: The ultimate appointment scheduling tool for converting customers. Add inside your conversion tools, save meeting leads to your CRM, and measure your booked meeting statistics. Ourly is truly the best scheduling tool for lead generation and conversion. Read the Ourly story and learn how it can help you schedule meetings more effectively.

Ourly: The easiest meeting scheduling tool 

It’s Friday. And while everyone is gearing up for the weekend, you keep refreshing your inbox to see whether you’ve received that one customer reply. As the minutes pass, you finally get the email notification.

But the reply from the customer isn’t what you’d expected. “My schedule is pretty packed this week,” they write. “Can you please let me know what times work best for you for next week?” they continue. And that’s one less potential customer closed for the week.

Sound familiar? The truth of the matter is it can often feel like you need an appointment to make an appointment, and a meeting to schedule a meeting – which is anything but convenient, easy, or fast. And that’s why we’ve created Ourly - the easiest meeting scheduling tool!

You requested, we delivered 

The story of Ourly is as simple as the tool itself. Ourly is an answer to a wish of many that meeting scheduling be made simpler. 

If a customer is already engaging with your website via chatbots, forms and live chat options, wouldn’t it be fastest to book an appointment then and there?

And this is how we addressed our customers’ concerns – to their asking how best to get their own customers to reach out and actually book a time to chat. Capture leads when their interest in your product or service is at its highest! 

We paid close attention to our consumers' needs and wishes. As a result, we decided to go the extra mile for our consumers and conducted a thorough search of the market for a third-party solution that would meet their requirements. Despite the fact that we were able to locate a few possibilities on the market, they were neither feasible nor feature-rich enough.  

Our market research quickly showed that there simply weren’t any appointment-making calendar tools that integrated with or adapted to popular conversion strategies, like on-page chatbots, forms, or popups. So we decided to do what we do best: Solve problems, one tool at a time. And that’s why we created Ourly – the easiest and best online appointment scheduling tool. 

‘Book it easy’ with Ourly 

Say goodbye to the hassles endured in booking client appointments. You don’t need to make multiple calls or send loads of texts or emails – just book an appointment. Your customers will be able to clearly see your schedule, and a simple click of the ‘Book me’ button creates the meeting for you. 

As Ourly can be synced with Google and Outlook Calendars, you don’t have to worry about the meeting platform. You’ll get automatic notifications and reminders based on your calendar settings.

You can share your calendar in confidence, showing your availability and booking slots (or start-end times) but nothing else. Customers look over your availability when it’s convenient for them and book a time slot that works. Done. 

Ourly gives your customers the freedom to book with you anytime. With big team scheduling features like round robin, you can randomise meetings based on availability, seniority, and even lead scoring. You can also add multiple participants to meetings and enjoy unlimited hosting of active events.

Easy to use with customer-friendly customisation

You can customise Ourly according to your own calendar branding and theme. Available in 50+ languages, Ourly can be fully customised in your chosen language. With Ourly you can confidently say no to any language barrier and be comfortable throughout the customer booking process. 

Ourly also provides you with an eco-friendly and cost-effective digital business card that auto-syncs via a QR code. Scanning the QR code instantly creates a contact on your phone for easy follow-up. All it takes is a tap to create contacts and network with people in a snap! 

Ourly integrates with your website’s chatbots, forms, and popups. The moment a customer interacts with the website and books the appointment, the tool automatically sends that information to the Serviceform CRM (or the CRM you’re using) and creates the lead. You certainly don’t have to worry about missing out on any meeting – or worse, a lead! 

End every conversation with a pinch of personality 

It’s all about first impressions and timing. How can you do business with someone you can’t remember? Your email signature really isn’t complete without an option to chat – or show schedule availability in real-time. That’s what Ourly is for.  An easy (and really cool!) scheduling tool for meetings and appointments. 

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