September 8, 2023

How to Use Chatbots Inside Your Content to Increase Engagement

What you do after you create your content is what truly counts”. Take advantage of that original content piece or go home. Converting your traffic matters, just as much as the traffic itself.
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Iranthi Gomes
What you do after you create your content is what truly counts”. Take advantage of that original content piece or go home. Converting your traffic matters, just as much as the traffic itself.

Businesses spend heavily on content creation.

As marketers, we want to increase and optimize SEO through blog articles, landing pages, visual ads or paid advertisements on Google, Facebook and other advertising channels.

We hire in-house teams or pay external marketing agencies thousands of dollars for creating content strategies and execution.

I mean it’s all great!

I believe we all understand that content is key to live up in the digital world.

However! Something I never understood is that, small, and extremely large companies spend a lot of time and money on increasing their traffic from different channels but don't put much thought and effort into converting that traffic into leads.

Sure, the content piece that you create can we be very engaging but what if there is no way for the reader to engage with.

Like Gary Vaynerchuk said “What you do after you create your content is what truly counts”.

Take advantage of that original content piece or go home. Converting your traffic matters, just as much as the traffic itself.

Engage your visitors with Chatbots inside content

At Serviceform we call this type of chatbot an "InlineBot".

Chatbots allow your customers to engage with your content and convert into leads quickly, without interrupting them.

The thing about InlineBots is that they relate to the piece of content or page that the visitor is looking at and allows them to have a discussion with it, at the right place at the right time.  

This is how an InlineBot can fit into an article, and not interrupt your reading experience.

InlineBots can be used by almost all industries

These type of chatbots work well with any company that has both traffic, and content. Content can also be a landing page, where they engage their customers for a certain action.

We have seen use cases from real estate, insurance, banking, healthcare, recruitment, advertising, entertainment, law, accounting to practically any industry that has a website and creates any type of content.

Every website visitor is unique and all conversations must be personalised to provide that personal touch, just like you’d having a conversation with a real human being.

Through InlineBots, you can plan each conversation in advance to provide relevant information to engage with the visitor based on their requirements.

Why should your business use InlineBots?

1. Capture 40-50% more leads from your existing traffic

Going back to my main point on how businesses spend a lot of money on gaining traffic to their website but not paying attention on how to convert

2. Don't interrupt your readers

People hate intrusive pop-ups that asks them to sign up to their newsletter in the middle of reading an article. You can capture the same information and even more in an non-intrusive way while they are still reading the article.

3. Direct conversations to the right people in your team

After a certain point you can direct conversations to a relevant team or an individual to pick the co

4. Allow booking of sales demos or appointments inside your content

Your customers will not expect you to ask them to book sales demos or appointments inside your content. But with good InlineBots, you can. For example an article about a certain topic and engage customers around that.

5. Direct your visitors to relevant content

When people search for key phrases on Google and find your website, they are most likely to land on a sub-page of your website instead of homepage. When that happens, you can ask relevant questions to direct them to the page or information they are looking for.

Reduce the repetitive questions that’s asked by your customers and visitors to save your customer service’s team, so they can deal with bigger problems.

6. A new angle that works especially with people in tech

With so much variety that’s out there millennials compare products and services before they make decisions, and prefer to engage with brands through interactive chats rather than speaking to someone over the phone.

7. Respond to your customers in your content anytime

Just like with the more traditional chatbots, InlineBots will engage your customers at any time of the day.

What type of companies can use InlineBots?

We have seen use cases in traditional industries just as well as the more hip software and startup crowds.

Practically the point is if you have content and you have visitors, InlineBots will convert more than any other way of communication if you combine it with traditional forms of getting in touch.

Most common industries we at Serviceform sell to are industries where a lead value is high. This is for example, real estate, insurance, banking, law, marketing, saas and numerous other industries.

We have found with websites or landing pages with more than 500 visitors per month, the investment in an InlineBot starts to provide real ROI for the time to think about the questions.

Use cases for InlineBots

We have used InlineBots for all of the below use cases. It works in context very well for all of the use cases below.

1. Sales

Converting a customer to a newsletter, lead or a direct purchase from a content piece about a relevant item is very simple.

If you are writing a content piece about a watch, jewellery or a premium item, just allow the customer to purchase the item through the bot.

For services, booking sales demos or appointments directly inside the content you create is very powerful.

2. Customer support

InlineBots work very well in directing the visitor to the right information.

In the best case more than 70% of customer support queries can be solved with directing the customer to the right information.

In a practical use case a customer support InlineBot can be used for example in the help pages to get feedback, search and redirect the user to relevant content.

3. Information

For example insurance companies the information they provide their customers is very important.

You can use InlineBots to redirect users to the right content with very small amount of work.

Again, these are just a handful of industries that can highly benefit by using InlineBots to allow customers and visitors to engage interactively.

Remember to convert your traffic

A lot of us marketers focus on creating traffic and stop there. Creating traffic is the first step, and can be argued to be the most difficult step.

However after all that work, conversion optimization comes in question.

Chatbots are the trend today as I am writing this. InlineBots are the next step in content marketing. They work brilliantly in context.

Would you answer, or play around with a chatbot in a content piece? Did you play around with the one above? I am sure you did.

Leave your comments below. I will reply to each one.

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