September 25, 2023

Get And Manage Leads On One Platform: Serviceform's CRM Is Here!

Serviceform CRM is a modern 2021 solution that helps small to medium-sized businesses get leads and manage them within the same platform.
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Iranthi Gomes
Serviceform CRM is a modern 2021 solution that helps small to medium-sized businesses get leads and manage them within the same platform.

Serviceform CRM is a modern 2021 solution that helps small businesses get leads and manage leads within the same platform.

There are hundreds of free CRMs in the market: Why would you need one more?

Let’s get one thing straight: Serviceform is a conversion tool specialist, not a CRM provider. We focus on helping SMBs make website conversions and grow their businesses through a set of conversion tools such as chatbot, inline bots, full-page bots, live chat, and our very own insight analytics dashboard. So why a CRM?

Centralised system for lead management 

This request has come from our customers who are already using various Serviceform conversion tools on their websites. They've been getting a lot of leads from these tools and need a place to manage those leads.

We suggested free CRMs such as Hubspot to our customers – but to no avail. They still come back requesting we make them a CRM tool! Then it hit us: What our customers needed wasn’t a CRM but a centralised system where they can get leads and manage them too.

Of course, for example, Hubspot is an all-in-one tool to manage your sales, marketing, customer service, and all the data that comes with it. However, it’s no secret that accessing Hubspot with all of its functionalities can come at an extravagant cost for small businesses. Plus, there are many complex features that they don't even need!

Serviceform CRM - centralised system for lead management

A simplified solution for a complex problem

Previously many of our customers used Excel to manage their contact leads because they weren't able to find a suitable CRM for their needs. And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Sometimes simple is best, especially for our customers not great with tech. They don't have time to learn or play around with complex tools and just want to focus on growing their business. Now that they're getting more and more leads from their website (what a great problem to have!), they want to make upgrades from an Excel sheet. 

Our newly launched CRM – an add-on to our Serviceform conversion toolkit – ensures seamless integration between sales and marketing that makes life easier.

What’s in Serviceform CRM?

Honestly, our CRM system is nothing new. It's a standard CRM with all the tools a normal CRM has. But it’s everything you need to easily and efficiently manage leads! Many business owners or non-technical professionals are intimidated by complex CRMs – but ours is famously straightforward as well as user-friendly. And most importantly, it's fully integrated with our toolkit. 

Our CRM has both tools and tabs such as email, inbox, call, meeting, notes, task, deal, and deal pipeline. Everything you need to manage your customer relationships. For integration, our CRM is currently integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar. In the future, expect even more integrations!

What’s next?

We don’t launch and leave. And we definitely don’t want to build something that our customers don’t want to use. Even now, we're constantly making amendments based on customer feedback to guarantee that our CRM is in step with their needs.

What comes after the CRM? To make our conversion platform a truly centralised system, we aim to create a simple ticketing system and email marketing tool all within the same platform. By end of year, you'll have the CRM in a Serviceform app! Get leads, manage your leads, and build meaningful relationships all on one platform. 

Let us know if you enjoy using our conversion tools but want to do more with the platform!

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