12 Creative Ways To Use Chatbots + Examples

Did you think that chatbots can only be used for chatting with your website visitors? From marketing to HR to sales, any of your departments can benefit from using chatbots in these 12 creative ways.
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Did you think that chatbots can only be used for chatting with your website visitors? We like to think bigger at Serviceform. In fact, many of our customers have already thought outside of the box and implemented these creative ideas for their chatbots.

From marketing to HR to sales, any of your departments can benefit from using chatbots in these 12 creative ways.

1. Full page chatbot for landing page

What is a full-page chatbot? A full-page bot can be used to showcase your products or services with changing visuals. You also get to talk with your potential customers so you can learn more about each other!

It’s an upgrade from boring landing pages that are filled with texts and only aims to get contact information. You can instead use an image carousel or video so your visitors can actively interact with your product or service.

In the example below, you can see that on the right side, customers can chat with the bot, ask questions, and leave their contact information.

Creative ways to use chatbots - Landing page chatbot

On the left side, you can visually present whatever you want. For example, if you’re doing a product launch, you can attach images or videos. If you’re doing a lead magnet campaign, you can give a sneak peek inside as a teaser to your lead magnet.

2. Guided Tours

During the restrictive Covid pandemic, it’s hard to organize face-to-face open house viewings to show your properties

Create virtual guided tours to take your customers and website visitors through the whole facilities that you want to show.

Give more information and interact by having an active chatbot on the side. This way, you can keep viewers’ interests and call them to take actions such as arranging a private physical visit or talking to an agent directly

But wait, there’s more!

You can also create a virtual guided tour to show your offices, classroom facilities, and exhibitions.

Creative ways to use chatbots - Virtual guided tour - 3D

Creative ways to use chatbots - Virtual guided tour - Chat interaction

Creative ways to use chatbots - Virtual guided tour - Measurement of your property

3. Product Presentation 

This works similarly to the way a full-page chatbot can be used for guided tours and for landing pages. In stead of making it a landing page, you can have it as your product page. As you can add images and videos and talk to customers at the same time, your website becomes much more alive

See how the full-page bot works as your product presentation here.

4. HR recruitment Filter 

Chatbots can be used not only for marketing and sales but also for your HR department! 

Get more suitable and high-quality applicants by putting a chatbot on your job application page. When an applicant clicked to apply, the chatbot can ask pre-qualifying questions to make sure that only relevant applicants are applying. 

There, applicants can also send their CV and cover letter as attachments.

Creative ways to use chatbots - HR & Recruitment Filter
Creative ways to use chatbots - Qualify Your Applicants

Example of an HR in-line bot, which can be inserted in the middle of your website or blog content to engage with applicants in a non-desruptive way. You can also create an HR bot with your normal chatbot.

5. Survey & Feedback Collection

Surveys and feedback help your marketing understand more about your customers. Most of the time, companies gather feedback or send surveys after your website visitors or customers have left your website.

Creative ways to use chatbots - Chatbot for Feedback Collection

When this happens, you lower your chance of finding out what your customers think about you. The chatbot can interact with them and automate survey or feedback questions depending on the types of visitors you get.

You can start by asking if they’ve purchased from you before. What did they buy and were they happy with it? 

If it’s a new customer, ask them if they manage to find what they need and if they need any help

The survey shouldn’t take more than 1 minute to answer, so you shouldn’t ask too much. Otherwise, your website visitors might get frustrated and drop the survey halfway. Determine what you really to know and make it short.

It’s also a good idea to offer them something in return like a small discount or a piece of content they might be interested in. Usually, people are willing to give feedback when they know that your business wants to make things better for them.

6. Online diagnosis

You can diagnose persons, pets, or even objects, like laptops or mobiles, and suggest relevant products or services.

For example, if you’re running a hospital and people arrive at your website looking for examinations, you can use a chatbot to ask them questions about the kind of examination that they need.

Creative ways to use chatbots - Chatbot for online diagnosis

Using an online diagnosis chatbot can lessen your front desk team’s workload in 2 ways. Firstly, your bot can answer frequently asked questions for your customer service agent. Guide them through the process like you would in call and at the end, recommend suitable service for them.

Secondly, appointment cancellations can also be done via chatbot so that your front desk team won’t be swamped with handling cancellation phone calls.

7. Communicate important company updates

The most common company updates are regarding Covid. Customers might want to know about vaccination policy, mask policy, opening hours, or capacity during Covid. 

Festive seasons are also around the corner so website visitors surely will want to get specific updates for the holidays

Other updates you can communicate via chatbots can be new open positions, new admission period (if you’re an education establishment), or if you’re a startup accelerator looking for startups to join your program, you can communicate that update with a chatbot.

8. Fun Quiz Maker

Chatbots can be used for fun, entertainment, and education! Everyone loves quizzes, there’s a reason why Buzzfeed’s quizzes are so popular and one of their most successful corner. 

Quizzes are exceptionally great for lead generation because website visitors can engage in a casual conversation. You can start by asking them to introduce themselves by giving their names and then use those names throughout the quizzes.

This helps create a personal connection and lets people open up to you more. At the end of the quiz, after people have answered all of the questions, you can ask for email addresses and send the results to them.

At this point, they’ve already invested their time in the quiz and they’re also curious about the results. The chance of them giving their emails is high!

You will also learn more about your visitors through the answers that they give, so there’s a lot of benefits for you.

Incorporating quizzes with your chatbot will increase visitor engagement even more. Whenever you got a new quiz, just pop it up with your chatbot to let visitors try it. You could also assign your quiz bot to a relevant product or service page.

9. Games/Jokes Generator

Games and jokes generator is another fun thing you can do with a chatbot! You don’t need any kind of AI or coding, just preset-flows and all the funny jokes you can find. 

That’s all cool but what does it have to do with my business, you ask? 

It’s a great icebreaker to get your website visitor interested and start interacting with you. It’s similar to the way that meme marketing is becoming trendier and used more frequently. People like memes and enjoy fun content while browsing the net.

10. Interactive Stories

We’re getting very creative with our chatbots now! Everyone loves a story and marketing always needs a good story to touch people’s hearts. It also doesn’t have to be for marketing, if you feel like this is the kind of content your audience would like, go for it

You can use your chatbot as a story-telling tool.

This is a more natural way to introduce your brand story, products, or services. Let your website visitors go on a journey of their own choices and show the results at the end. The journey and ending will change based on the choices that they made.

In this way, your website visitors feel like they are the ones in control and become more invested in your stories

Here you can also end by asking for an email address and send the ending to them. How did the story end? Did you get a good ending or a bad ending?! Leave your contact information and find out!

11. Search Bot

If your website visitors are having a hard time finding what they are looking for, your chatbot can pop up and ask if it can help. 

Sure, you can have a normal search bar but a search-bot can catch attention and attend to your website visitors the moment they cannot find what they need.

Creative ways to use chatbots - Search inside a Chatbot

Search inside a Chatbot

12. Meeting Booker

This is the final step to capture your website visitors and turn them into leads. We’ve shown various ways to help you engage with your visitors via chatbots. Whether you use the fun, educational, or traditional methods of engagement, don’t let them go away without leaving contact information!

For B2B businesses, you have important CTA such as “Book a meeting”, “book a demo”, or “schedule a free consultation”. Instead of using the traditional way of filling in a contact form, you can avoid the back and forth emails by making your availability known to potential customers right from the start.

We love Calendly at Serviceform and have been using its integration on our website. Once people have shown deep interest in your products or services, the chatbot will call them to action right away. No need to go to another page or form, your prospects can schedule the meeting right on the chatbot.

Chatbot for Booking Meetings - Calendly Integration

Get Creative with Your Chatbot

Were you inspired by these new ways to use a chatbot? Which creative ideas would you like to try next? 

It can be difficult to know which ideas to implement because you need to know why you’re doing it in the first place. As you know, chatbots are extremely useful for conversion optimisation in the way that they engage with your website visitors and call them to action

If your website is not converting well, read our blog on “Why aren’t your website visitors converting” and you’ll learn what kind of chatbots you should use to overcome this challenge.

Want to have some of these chatbots for your website?

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