February 21, 2023

Why you should use a Serviceform real estate Chatbot

Learn how your business can seamlessly capture customer information, route the leads to realtors and convert them through our real estate Chatbots.
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Learn how your business can seamlessly capture customer information, route the leads to realtors and convert them through our real estate Chatbots.

Every real real estate agent must do two things on their own: sell properties and get a real estate chatbot. 

But you can easily be overwhelmed by the sheer number of real estate chabots on the market. So let us help you make a decision on which real estate chatbot you should choose for your agency. 

When you’re choosing chatbots for real estate, there are a few factors you should take into consideration. In the real estate business, providing quality customer support goes a long way in converting a prospect into a sale. 

Bear with me on this humble brag: Serviceform’s real estate Chatbot is pretty great! It has a unique lead routing feature plus dynamic property solution – and you can even make Stripe payments through it. In the digital era, a chatbot is one of the most important marketing tools for real estate. And below is all you need to know about the Serviceform real estate Chatbot to help you make a more informed decision.

A ‘real’ real estate chatbot

Even though I said that a chatbot is one of the most essential marketing tools for real estate, you don’t want to have a chatbot for the sake of having one. What you need is a ‘real’ real estate chatbot that can not only provide answers to customer enquiries, but also seamlessly generate and distribute leads. 

This is where the lead routing feature of our real estate Chatbot comes in handy. And I know what you’re thinking: A good chatbot is supposed to generate hundreds of leads every month? How on earth are we supposed to route all those leads to the appropriate agents?

No, we don’t do it manually. It’s all automated and the method we use for our lead routing feature is quite simple. As an example, when our real estate Chatbot collects the lead, we can ask a question such as which area they’re browsing properties from. Based on the postal code the prospect provides, we can send that lead directly to the appropriate agent. 

Serviceform Chatbots can also ask questions to help qualify your buyers and sellers based on needs, urgency, and postal code. Read more to find out how!

With lead routing, we can spare you any administrative time it usually takes to sort leads. This way you’re not only able to save time for yourself, but you can also promptly get in touch with any prospects. 

Dynamic property chatbots for real estate

What do I mean by dynamic chatbots for real estate? Let’s first dig into the word dynamic and see what that means. Dynamic means something that changes and evolves constantly. If you’re a real estate agent, this might sound very familiar to you. 

Real estate is a business that is constantly evolving. And if our Chatbots for real estate aren’t dynamic, it begs the question if they’re the right tool for the industry. But don’t worry: Our real estate Chatbot is as dynamic as they come! 

We can build personalised chatbots for every single one of your property listings, which include all the information about the property as well as the listing agent. And no, this doesn’t mean we have to build hundreds of chatbots for each and every one of your properties. We don’t do it the hard way. We do it the smart way!

With Serviceform's dynamic property chatbots for real estate, the chatbot will automatically update it's information as you update them on the website.
Dynamic property chatbot for real estate

And what is the smart way? We pull the data you entered on the property page of your website and push that information to our real estate Chatbot. So even if any details about the property change over time, all you have to do is update the new information on the webpage and our Chatbot will update itself automatically. 

Adding a new property to your listings? The real estate Chatbot will pick up all the relevant information from the new listing and you’re good to go. As I said, we like to do things the smart way!

Let’s say you want your dynamic property Chatbot to be more visible on the property page. Voilà, we present to you our Engagement bot! What is an engagement bot you might ask? An engagement is a chatbot that you can place anywhere on the webpage. 

You can place an engagement bot anywhere you want on your webpage to optimize your conversion rate.
Serviceform real estate chatbot: Engagement bot

A real estate chatbot fit for every occasion

A landing page is one of the handiest marketing tools for real estate. What if I told you you can create landing pages for each one of your listings through our real estate chatbot? 

Specifically for this, we have a solution called a conversational landing page. What this does is take any listing or page you want and build from it an interactive and conversational landing page out of it with the help of a chatbot. With this feature, you can create a virtual tour of your property while simultaneously providing answers to your prospects’ questions. 

Using a conversational landing page, you can show off your properties to your prospects via a virtual tour.
Serviceform real estate chatbot: Virtual tour

Our real estate Chatbot works seamlessly with any virtual tour provider – such as Matterport. By using a tool like Matterport, you can create a 3D structure of the property and showcase it while the chatbot answers questions. 

If COVID managed to do one good thing, it would be increasing the popularity of virtual home viewing. So make the most out of this shift and use a conversational landing page to show and tell everything about the property you are selling. 

If you don’t want the real estate Chatbot to take up the whole page, then we’ve got the aforementioned Engagement bot. You can place our Engagement bot anywhere you want on your website. By strategically placing an Engagement bot, you can easily generate high-quality leads. 

Quality leads in high quantity

As I’ve been telling you throughout this article, a chatbot is one of the most must-have marketing tools for real estate. But it would be useless if your real estate chatbot is generating hundreds of leads, if not thousands, and they’re not high quality. Founder of Spain’s Strand Properties, Anssi Kiviranta said that the thing every real estate agent wants the most is high quality leads. 

“High quality leads mean those that are seriously buying and selling in the near future,” Anssi explains. “Normally when you generate leads, those prospects are only starting to think about buying or selling and they’ll actually do it in about 2 years. You have to nurture those leads and make the clients feel that you’re active.”

This is not the only way to ensure that the leads you generate are of high quality. You can also use a real estate chatbot to ask questions related to when, what, and from where prospects are looking to buy. This way, it becomes easier for you to assign these leads to agents based on urgency and where they’re looking to buy. 

Serviceform's conversion experts are always ready to help you to generate high quality leads.
Serviceform real estate chatbot: Lead qualification

So, Serviceform’s real estate Chatbot will help you determine what and when a prospect is looking to buy. Our expert customer success team is always ready to build a chatbot flow that helps you easily qualify prospects based on the criteria mentioned. All you have to do is sit back, and let our conversion experts do their thing. 

“It is a no brainer to start using Serviceform,” Anssi says. “You’re losing business if you don’t start with them now. For us, the results were very easy to remember. We doubled our conversion rate. They’re good not only for real estate, but for every industry.”

Last but not least

Getting yourself a real estate chatbot is an important part of building a successful website for your agency. But getting any old chatbot won’t do the job for you. You need to carefully consider your options when choosing your real estate chatbot as you need to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. 

Some handy features of the Serviceform real estate Chatbot are lead routing, dynamic property (information) sharing, conversational landing pages, and a smooth lead qualification process. For these reasons we can proudly say the Serviceform Chatbot is one of the better marketing tools for real estate available on the market today!

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