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Serviceform’s digital marketing tools continue to increase student enrollment. Guide potential students from curious contact to ecourse applicant!

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Find your applicants the perfect programme or ecourse
The right programme or ecourse for your students might only be a click away: Let a chatbot help them find it!

Serviceform’s welcoming Chatbots are driving higher education digital marketing – answering coursework and financial questions, then helping navigate your website to find each student the right study options.
You’re live in 3, 2, 1 … chat!
Don’t miss out on potential leads by missing out on Live chat.

A dynamic duo, our Chatbots are masters at first initiating those real-time conversations – and then keeping them going if your team is busy or done for the day!
71% more conversion!
Follow the example of SEAS in Spain: They started using our Chatbot on their homepage as well as course pages.

Fast-forward 6 months and their conversion rate skyrocketed 71.6%!The average time that a potential student spent on-site also increased – by a whopping 31%.
Our higher education digital marketing means more qualified applicants
Increase student enrollment by asking the right questions! Our Dynamic forms always help find the best courses, even ones your applicants haven’t thought of before.

Because our tools prequalify every website lead, each future student has already met the minimum criteria to apply for the programme or ecourse they've found.
Make stressful tests fun and engaging
Don’t forget to build engaging tests and quizzes with our Dynamic forms! Increase student enrollment in a motivating way – a key part of your new engagement growth strategy with Serviceform.

So what else do you need? Ah, that’s right. Bigger classrooms!
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