Connect (all!) the dots of customer relationship management

Track, organise, and connect all your customer relationship dots. Find information your team needs before they need it!

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Lead management just got a lot more Flexible
With EU-only data storage, feel secure with Flex, Serviceform’s next-generation CRM solution.

Access to a visual dashboard for sales funnel insights? Check. Automate saving any social media contact for follow-up? Done. And easy-sync with Gmail and Google Calendar? Nailed it.
Flex your most important business muscle: Organisation
Flex takes the taskwork out of CRM ticketing. Our clean design ensures visibility for priority level support and tasks. Enjoy unlimited spaces for organised contact management and keeping up-to-date on the latest actions or meetings taken with leads.
GDPR…U compliant?
That’s General Data Protection Regulation. And we’re one of few companies who do it right.

We offer your online visitors cookie options, as required by greater GDPR policy. With our legally-checked and double-checked templates, you’ll be GDPR-compliant in the time it took you to read this sentence.

Making it even easier, our Cookie controller updates your site automatically! And whatever your country, we’ve got your language available.
Build for brand
Transition seamlessly from Flex customer management to building vibrant marketing campaigns for your CRM customers with our SMS & Email Campaign builder!

Coming soon, our new Campaign builder allows you to grow brand awareness and trust with no limit on a campaign’s total leads or emails.
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