Communicate with your
customers like a pro

People like quick responses and the feeling you care. You do, actually. But it’s difficult when you have so many different channels to monitor, right?

Not anymore.

One communication channel

Once upon a time our customers had trouble managing their communication – and that could be you right now.

Like in most modern relationships, you met your customer through social media. Unfortunately, you don’t have a dedicated person to answer customer enquiries and you can’t invest in marketing at the moment.

Don't lose new customers because you’re lacking the resources to manage different channels and keep track of communication!

Our Social inbox gathers all your social media and website enquiries into one place. How easy is it? Super easy! When your customers send you a message, it automatically goes to the Social inbox, so no message gets lost.

Keep the conversation going

From Chatbot to Live chat

To make sure all your customers are heard, give them both options. If they’re not able to find answers from your Chatbot, that’s when Live chat comes into play.

Your customers can talk with someone from your team in real time, and you get to track their journey! You can also follow your team’s performance and gather user reviews via both Chatbot and Live chat discussions.

Keep the conversation going

When you’re unavailable to answer your customers’ messages, they’ll end up with the competition. But not if you're always available.

Our chatbots answer your most frequently-asked questions, book meetings, and qualify leads literally while you sleep.

Leading customers to your website is just the first step, but anyone can get confused about where to look for the information they need.

That’s when your Chatbot enters the room: “Hi, how can I help?

Customers can even leave their contact information and the bot will route that lead to the right person on your team.

We solve problems

"We build the first setup from scratch. You don't need to worry about the tech."
-Benjamin, Serviceform Developer
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