Our products and features

Cookie controller

Control your cookies and third party scripts automatically with Serviceform cookie controller. Take advantage of our simple, but powerful compliance tools now.

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Lead bar

Create lead bars that can be placed on the top or bottom of your website to gather newsletter signups, leads or anything you wish.

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Chatbot & Live chat

We help you create a chatbot solution that will put your lead generation and support on autopilot. Utilise Livechat only for complex queries, or not at all.

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Smart popups

Communicate with your customers with non-intrusive popups. Show exit-intent popups when your user is about to leave the website, or a popup after your customer selects to download a PDF. The options are endless. Simple builder allows creating of popups in minutes.

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Dynamic forms

Create conversion optimised multi-step forms for buying services, products or gathering leads. You can also build quizzes, tests or single landing pages utilising our form builder. Our difference is UI, our forms are unique and fun for the customer to fill.

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Content Conversations

Conversations that engages users inside your content. Place in blogs, articles or inside your website. Another layer of lead generation. Utilise as landing pages for 5-15% conversion rates.

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Interactive experiences

Explain your products and services with changing visuals. Use as landing pages without building any landing pages to generate highly qualified and interested leads through conversations.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions by our customers. If we have missed an important question, send us a message and we'll answer it immediately.

Do you have an mobile application?

Yes, we have an iOS and Android applications to help with answering live chats on the go. We are also working on adding more functionality to those apps.

How do I install the tools?

Installing is very simple, all you need to do is to place one single line of code, or install our plugin on your website and you can select from our backend which tool to load on which page.

Do you have AI or NLP?

We don't believe in using artificial intelligence or native language processing for websites that have a goal of conversion. This said, you can link any third party NLP or AI framework to our chat tools to pull answers from. You can also train our chatbots to answer lists of keywords with answers.

I am worried about GDPR, how does this work with Serviceform?

Serviceform hosts all of our customer data in Europe. Our tools can be used while completely abiding to GDPR. We have a list of recommendations that you can implement in the tools to make sure that you follow GDPR, this includes a list of opt-in checkboxes and wording. Ask our team for more information.

Can I invite my team to Serviceform?

Yes, we don't currently have any limits of users that can be added under your account.

"I was expecting Serviceform just to move our traditional contact forms to their conversion tools to improve our customer experience.

I was surprised how I didn't have to spend more time on improving our conversions on the website. All I had to do was attend one simple onboarding meeting and they increased our website conversion by 47%"