How Volkswagen qualifies 30% of their customers through a single chatbot

I would recommend Serviceform to anyone who’s looking to give an additional channel to contact customers and to easily qualify them. We would say that Serviceform is a responsible and involved company, and they have always sought to help us with all of our needs.” ~ Ángel Herráez, Marketing Manager - Volkswagen group retail ~

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Almost everyone on earth knows Volkswagen. And who doesn’t like driving a Volkswagen. So leads aren’t really an issue for Volkswagen, but qualifying them is. 

Imagine you’re running an ad on social media to generate interest to purchase a Volkswagen. All and sundry would be interested and they’ll click on your link. Some would come there to just check out the car, some would look at the prices and walk away and only a few would have the interest and the ability to buy. 

This is why you need to qualify your leads properly before you start reaching out to them. Because otherwise you’ll be wasting your time contacting browsers who just wanted to see what the newest vehicle model looks like. Vokswagen group retail in Spain had this exact problem and they wanted a tool that would fix it for them

This is where Serviceform steps in. We created a full page chatbot for them which is similar to a landing page. The goal of the landing page is to qualify the leads that they generate through their other marketing channels so their sales team is not wasting their time. 

In the chatbot, we ask visitors if they’re interested in buying or renting, their budget, and what kind of a car they are looking at. 

How Volkswagen qualifies 30% of their customers through a single chatbot: Serviceform built a full page bot to help Volkswagen qualify their leads
Serviceform built a full page bot to help Volkswagen qualify their leads

Ángel also added that the biggest pro for them when using Serviceform tools was the ability it gave to have a very dynamic first interaction with the customer. Ever since they went live with our tools in March 2021, they’ve been constantly generating more than 100 lead submissions every month through the full page bot. 

A chatbot that perfectly qualifies

Our team created a full page bot with all the right questions. The chatbot first qualifies the lead based on the requirement of the customer. Based on that, the chatbot asks a few more questions to provide more information to the agent when reaching out to the customer. 

Volkswagen retail group also uses a chatbot on their homepage to effectively communicate with their web visitors. Ángel says that before they started using the chatbot, the main channel their customers communicated with them was through emails and calls. After they started using the chatbot, 10% of their new customers are getting in touch through the chatbot. 

What is Volkswagen group retail

We don’t have to tell you what Volkswagen is. They are one of the most household automotive brands in the world. Their Spanish retail group has a dealership network spread across the country. 

Volkswagen group retail works with many major players in the automotive industry such as Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Cupra and Mó. Several of their dealerships even have an auto body shop where customers can purchase parts or get their vehicle repaired.

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