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How Huoneistokeskus increased their revenue by €500,000

“Try Serviceform out! It's very easy and convenient, the people are nice, [and] you’ll get answers super fast whenever you need help. Very easy to communicate. [The] results are good, so try them!” -Olli Pohjonen, Development Director at Huoneistokeskus.

Generating leads without coding knowledge

Huoneistokeskus is one of the largest real estate agents operating in Finland with branches in more than 30 locations. Despite being a large-scale business, they’ve relied on traditional methods of communication to keep in touch with customers. 

Always listening to company wants and needs, Serviceform built a set of customer communication tools just for them. Olli said they’d previously faced plenty of technical challenges when it came to communicating with customers because they didn’t have anyone in-house with coding capabilities. 

Of the many money-making solutions provided by Serviceform, one happened to be a chatbot that answered customer enquiries about buying and selling properties through Huoneistokeskus. Another tool is Serviceform Insights, which provides the company with important analytics on how our tools were performing on their website. 

Consistently generating 100+ new leads every month

Since Huoneistokeskus came aboard the Serviceform conversion train in October 2021, within six months they were able to increase their lead generation by 100+ leads every month. Olli says with a satisfied smile that 115 new leads equals to an approximately €500,000 increase in revenue. 

In terms of marketing goals, their main targets included more money, and a more efficient lead generation as well as sales process. Considered it done! With Serviceform’s industry-leading chatbot and supporting tools, their goals have already been met! 

So, what’s so special about a chatbot? Our winning chatbot features automated routing, which means leads are sent to the appropriate agent based on the property and area the customer is looking for. The result was Huoneistokeskus substantially decreasing the workload previously bloating their sales pipeline. And the best part: they didn’t have to do a single line of coding in-house to do it!

Apart from the main homepage bot, we also built chatbots for their property pages so that website visitors can ask and instantly get answers, reducing friction in the sales process brought on by buyer uncertainties. And, again, the leads generated from these property page bots are directly sent to the agent who’s handling that specific property. 

We even created bots for realtor pages so individual agents can generate leads from their very own About pages!

“Everyone is advertising. We wanted to use something different to distribute info to customers. We needed more interactive, and interesting ways to communicate about our services. Many companies still do the same thing they did in the 90s. Competition is very tough. If you want to get more market share, you need to do things differently.” Olli said.

Recruit with Serviceform

The homepage bot included another very cool feature to help out with their recruitment process as well. The visitors had an option to check out the recruitment through the bot itself. The recruitment form, is designed in a way that makes qualifying applicants much easier.  

Get to know Huoneistokeskus

Huoneistokeskus is one of Finland’s largest real estate companies with more than 300 professionals in 30+ locations. The company was founded in Helsinki in 1953.  As a trendsetter Huoneistokeskus was the first Finnish real estate company to organize  internal training. Furthering their reputation as trailblazers and breaking some barriers, Huoneistokeskus was the first Real Estate Agency company to  hire  women as sellers and even present  properties and  apartments on Sundays! 

In 2006, Huoneistokeskus merged with real estate and trading company Suomen SKV – and so the Realia Group was born. Realia Group rebranded itself in spring 2022 to Retta Group, which is the  largest real estate and management company in its field in Finland and in the Nordics. Through merging SKV Real Estate Agency and Huom! Kiinteistönvälitys Oy Retta Group has concentrated all the real estate brokerage business to Huoneistokeskus.  

Huoneistokeskus specializes in selling and renting apartments, land and forest facilities, plots, business premises, and holiday homes.

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